How to delete or close a Betika account

Betika is a popular online platform for sports betting and gaming. It operates mainly in Kenya. It offers various sports betting options, including football (soccer), basketball, tennis, and rugby. Additionally, Betika provides virtual sports. It also has casino games and other gaming products for its users.

Betika provides a comprehensive and engaging betting experience for sports and gaming enthusiasts. Betika has diverse betting options. It features a user-friendly interface and prioritizes responsible gaming. It continues to be a popular choice among bettors in Kenya and beyond.

However, one may choose to quit betting with this bookmarker. Or, one may close the account for various reasons. Additionally, the closure of the account can be Betika’s decision.

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How to delete your Betika Account

To delete a Betika account, you must email Betika’s support team. Write an email to request to delete your account or suspend it. Betika offers these suspension periods: 7 days, one month, three months, six months, one year, two years, five years, and permanent closure. You choose from temporary or the permanent closure according to your reason of closure.

Steps to permanently delete your Betika account

  • Open the email account that you used to register for Betika.
Email for Betika account
  • Compose an email and add the email address
Betika email address for account closure
  • On Subject, type “Request to Delete Betika Account”.
Request account closure subject on Betika
  • Write an email explaining the reason to delete your account.
Drafted closure request on Betika
  • Send the email to Betika support.
Send request to Betika
  • Wait for your account closure after 12 hours to 5 days once your request is received.

Betika’s procedure for closing your account

Before Betika closes your account, they will take the following actions:

Account closure by Betika
  • Investigate and confirm whether a Prohibited Act occurred.
  • Once they find a prohibited act, they tell you. Any gains or winnings will be forfeited.
  • They will then refund your stake less any statutory deductions such as tax.

Reasons to delete a Betika account.

There may be many reasons you want to close your Betika account. Here are some main reasons why people may want to delete a Betika account permanently:

  • Problem Gambling. Suppose a person feels they are spending too much time or money on gambling. It’s hurting them. They may delete their Betika account to help them avoid more temptation and harm.
  • Financial Concerns. Some users may find themselves in financial difficulties due to excessive gambling losses. Deleting their Betika account can help them. It can help them regain control over their finances and prevent more losses.
  • Privacy Concerns. Individuals might want to delete their Betika account to protect their privacy and personal information. It could be due to worries about data security. Or, it might be to refrain from marketing or to limit their online footprint.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Life circumstances change. Someone used to bet on Betika. But their interests or priorities have changed. They may decide to delete their account as part of a lifestyle change or to focus on other activities.
  • Legal or Regulatory Reasons. Due to legal or regulatory rules, you may need to delete a Betika account. You may not be able to gamble anymore, having relocated to a location that prohibits online gambling. Or, you may be facing legal trouble due to gambling.
  • Dispute with the Platform. A user may have issues with Betika. These include unfair treatment, disputes over winnings, or dislike of the service. They can delete their account. They do this to protest or to sever ties with the platform.
  • Personal Decision: Some users no longer wish to use Betika for personal reasons. It could be due to a loss of interest in gambling, a desire to take a break from betting, or a decision to focus on other aspects of life.
  • Welcome Bonuses. Some people are driven by the welcome bonus when they sign up afresh, although it is unacceptable. You can instead use a different email address to create a new account.

Deleting a Betika account is a personal decision. You should consider your reasons and weigh the risks before acting. Also check for any unpaid bets, balances, or promotions connected to your account. It would help if you did this before deleting it.

Reasons for account closure by Betika

Betika can decide to close your account due to the following reasons:

Account to be closed by Betika
  • Your continued use of their services may lead to non-compliance with their obligations under the law.
  • If you have placed bets or played online games with other gambling providers and are suspected of Prohibited Acts or irresponsible gaming with them.

FAQs about deleting accounts on Betika

These are the frequently asked questions in Betika about account closure:

How Do I Delete My Betika Account?

If you want to close your account, tell Betika in writing. You can do this by emailing Or, you can do it by hand delivery to their office. Their office is on the 3rd floor of Mayfair Business Centre, Parklands Road, Westlands.

How to delete Betika account

What should I write in the request to delete the account email?

The email to request account closure should include your national ID, full name, and the phone number you used to sign up. You must also declare that the mobile service operator has registered the mobile number in your name.

Closure request on Betika

Can I delete the Betika account via SMS?

Following the platform’s rules, Betika’s account deletion process requires users to email customer support for help. That’s the only provided way for closure of an account.

Can you re-activate the account?

If you need to resume using the bookmaker, you must open a new account per the terms and conditions.

If the account gets suspended for addiction or problem gambling self-exclusion, Betika requires you to provide written proof. This proof must be from a certified doctor, regulator, or counselor. It must show that you have overcome the addiction.

Account re-activation on Betika

How long does it take to close the account from the requested date?

Effecting the request takes the shortest period from the date of receipt. Betika will inspect the account activity and do background checks during this time.

These are inquiries with mobile money service providers, the National Police Service, the Betting Control and Licensing Board, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, the Financial Reporting Centre, and the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority, among other relevant competent government authorities.

This due diligence applies to all account closure requests. It may delay the time to process them.

How long to close a Betika account

What does it mean when I delete my account?

When you delete your Betika account, you cannot access it, your winnings, or any game history. The Betika account gets permanently deleted from the systems.

What happens to my balance in the account once I request closure?

Betika’s policy is to close accounts only after players withdraw all the funds.

Balance on account closure of Betika

Betika may withhold any outstanding balance or bet settlement concerning your account following the terms under the Prohibited Acts.

Betika balance on account closure

When will you respond to my request to delete the account?

When to get to receive response on Betika closure

Betika will respond to your request when you withdraw from your Betika wallet. Also, send all the info and documents above in full. Once you submit this information, you will get a notification. It will be about the progress of account deletion.

When can one Re-activate a closed Betika account?

The reactivation of a Betika account is subject to the platform’s policies and procedures. Online betting platforms may allow users to re-activate their accounts under certain circumstances.

Here are some factors to consider regarding the re-activation of a Betika account:

  • Account Status. If an account has been temporarily suspended or de-activated due to inactivity, the user may be able to re-activate it by following the platform’s specified procedures
  • Reason for De-activation. The reason why the account got de-activated or closed may impact the possibility of re-activation. For example, the platform may require additional steps or verification before allowing re-activation if the account was closed due to self-exclusion or responsible gambling measures.
  • Timeframe. Betika may have specific timeframes within which you can re-activate an account after de-activation. Users should check the platform’s terms and conditions or contact customer support to inquire about any time limits or restrictions that apply.
  • Verification Process. Betika may require users to undergo a verification process to confirm their identity and eligibility before re-activating their account. This process may involve providing identification documents for verification.
  • Outstanding Balances or Obligations. Before re-activating an account, users may need to settle any outstanding balances, clear any pending bets, or address any other obligations associated with the account.
  • Customer Support. Users should contact customer support for assistance if they wish to re-activate their Betika account. Betika’s customer support team can provide guidance on the re-activation process and any requirements that need to be fulfilled.
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