Have you ever wondered if you get an opportunity to win over Kshs.100 million, would you share the same information with others knowing very well if they also win you will have to share the money equally? Definitely not. This reasoning contrasts with that of people who purport sure predictions of the outcomes of various matches and are ready to sell you the information in order to win.

These people are all over the internet, sending you emails and SMS alerts. One thing you will definitely ask yourself is, why can’t they use the information to bet themselves and win? This is the most ironical part. They will never count on those odds as their sole source of income because they know the outcome will never always be in their favor. They know they are not selling you fixed matches

Some people can argue that these people are selling information on fixed matches to make money. That can be right, yes. But looking at it from a different perspective you need to ask yourself Why can someone take the trouble of selling you a million dollar information and not use the same information to win themselves.

In sports, match-fixing is the act of determining the outcome of a game before it is played. The players of both teams and match officials will then collude to ensure that the result is achieved in a convincing way. Sporting organization like FIFA frown upon and punish this because it kills the vibe of the game

Match Fixing is Dangerous and Expensive

Before we dig deeper into fixed matches bets, first let’s look back in history and see what happens when matches are fixed.

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Here are some cases of match fixing in football’s history

1. German Referee, Robert Hoyzer (2005)

Robert Hoyzer was convicted of match fixing for a Croatian gambler, Ante Sapina. According to sources, he received a television set and up to €67,000 to ensure around 23 games he officiated turned out in his client’s favor. He did this by awarding controversial red cards and penalties.

2. Marseille Stripped of Champions League (1993)

Back in 1993, Marseille really wanted to win the Ligue 1 and the Champions League. Their attempts to bribe an opposing team to let them win went wrong leaving them with a ban on defending their Champions League title

3. The Italian Job (2006)

Italy has had its fair share of match-fixing incidents. The most prolific one is the 2005-2006 Serie A games. Juventus were stripped of the Seria A Champions title and relegated to Serie B. Milan was forced to start the coming season with negative 30 points while Fiorentina and Lazio escaped relegation but got kicked out of Europe games for a year. The Reggina president (Pasquale Foti) on the other hand, was fined £20,000 and a 2.5 years ban from football.

As you can see, match fixing is not only a crime but also a high stakes and expensive venture. It is possible, yes, but if it happens, very few people will be kept in the loop to avoid blowing the crime. It is easier to fix low league or insignificant games and harder to fix top-flight clashes.

So how come these guys still make a living selling fixed-match bet slips?

Fixed Games Odds: How the Scam Works

In simple terms, this act of people trying to offer what they call on point information on fixed matches in exchange for money is this century’s biggest scam. These people have no any information on where to find real fixed matches. All they do is just guesswork with the hope of preying on desperate gamers who are eager to win. Their main aim is to make money and not to help you.

Pure Statistics at Work – Some Will Lose, Some Will Win

If the scammers sent out like 1000 emails, and on this, they receive say 100 responses, and each of them pays for that information on the upcoming game which the scammers purport to know is fixed.

In their cunning ways, they will inform a third of the respondents that the home team will win, while another third, will be told that the away team will win. The last third will be told that the game will end in a draw.

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In this scenario, whatever the outcome of the game, at least a third of the respondents will win and two-thirds lose. The two thirds will feel cheated while the winning third will believe that the scammers possess insider information on the fixed matches.

fixed match odds are a scam

The Third Who Won Will Come for More

A week later, the scammers come knocking and send another wave of emails to those who won last time. At this juncture, they double the price. Confident in winning, the gamers who had used the information the previous time and won are more than eager to give out the cash with a guaranteed win. This scenario plays out like the last one. There is a third of winners, two theirs of losers.

Another week later, the second wave of winners receive the emails and this time the price can be 10 times. Having won twice, the bettors are confident with the information provided and hence are eager to give whatever the asking price the scammers are asking as they are confident of winning. This wave continues week after week with each of the respondents eventually losing and sometimes the losses are terribly high while the scammers rake in tons of money for fraudulent information.

Our million dollar advice concerning fixed games is: Do not reply to any of the text messages, emails or social media posts. Possibly do not even open them. More importantly, do not send money.

How to find fixed Matches

Definitely, match fixing does happen. It is possible to identify whether a certain game has been fixed just by looking at the way the demand for odds for a particular outcome increases tremendously that it distorts the market. Match-fixing is usually common in small leagues where players and referees are paid poorly. They collude with some parties so as to produce an outcome that is favorable to their needs and thus the players or the referee are paid for doing so. However, it is difficult to determine where to find free fixed matches because they are well hidden. You will be better off trying other strategies like a hedged underdog bet.


I have nothing against tipsters who ask for compensation after analyzing games and giving you bet suggestions as long as they don’t claim the outcome of the games is fixed. You are paying for their understanding of the game, not for fixed matches.

The scammers decided to show up on the Facebook comments for this post. Here are some of the typical scammer comments we got



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