How to Choose Best Teams to Bet on This Weekend

Gambling has becoming one of the most enticing pastimes in the world over. The only difference, with other pastime activities, is that at least you have a chance to make some cash if you predict right. In as much as there is no any definite guideline on how one can predict and win, having the right tips and tricks can put one on an upper hand of walking away with tons of money. Demand for betting is on the rise each and passing day. Some of the betting companies with an international reach include Mozzartbet, Elitebet, 1xbet, Sportpesa, BetPawa, Bet365 to name but a few.

Betting jackpots in Kenya run to tens of millions while mega jackpots run into hundreds of millions. Mega jackpots and jackpots operate in a manner of ascending order. Most jackpots are played on a daily basis. If they are not won, the money continues to increase until the lucky winner(s) walk away with the money. On the other hand, mega jackpots, such as the Sportpesa mega jackpots are played on weekends. It involves making 17 right predictions. If the mega jackpot is not won in that particular weekend, then the following weekend the amount of money increases.

Tips on How to Make the Right Predictions

Betting can be addictive and frustrating. However, if done responsibly, betting can be enjoyable and can add value to your money. Knowing the right time, price and sport can be the conduit for making it big in betting. If you want to place your bet on mega jackpots, it is good to understand which teams are included. Here are some tips to use in identifying the best football teams to bet on this weekend.

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1. Know your Sport Well

In order to succeed in everything you do, it is important to understand it inside out. Betting is no exception to this rule. If you want to win in betting, it is important for you to understand your sport well. For instance, if you are a football enthusiast, it is important to identify your top 10 teams to bet on that are likely to win. Don’t place your bets haphazardly. Just analyze your sport and have the history on the kind of teams you are placing your bet on. By doing so you will be able to unravel your team(s)’ performance while playing at home or away or the kind of combination of players who normally lead to the team’s winning streak.

However, it is worth noting that consecutive winning alone does not make the team the perfect one. You should be able to know how it has offensively and defensively played on the previous games and how does it compare to its opponent. If you want to play it big, it is worth knowing in advance what teams to bet on this weekend.

2. The Favorite Team doesn’t Always Win

In as much as a team is expected to be the winner in any particular game, sometimes the tables turn. Favorites come with the mindset of a walk-over. On the other hand, underdogs come with the mindset of fighting to their last breath and on the opponents most obvious weaknesses. At the end of the game, they end up winning, against the stronger team.

3. Shop Around from Different Bookmakers

Most bookmakers promise to provide the best odds for you to win on your bets. In as much as this may be true, it is worthwhile to shop around and find what other odds are like. Let your mind wonder far and wide and check what other odds providers have to offer. Know what football teams to bet on that have better odds. Search for the best multibet predictions sites that have a good history of making the right predictions.

4. Going smaller is Better

In as much as you may be targeting that big money, sometimes betting on too many teams may be risky. For instance, if you put a Kshs. 1000 bet on 20 teams expecting to walk away with Kshs. 100000, the likelihood is that one team might throw you off and you will burn your bet. However, if you diversify your bets and place a Kshs. 50 bet on 2 teams with a return of Kshs. 2000, there is likelihood that you may make the right predictions and not sleep hungry.

5. Don’t bet With your Heart

Avoid putting emotions forward when betting. If you have chosen the teams to bet on this weekend that will win, whether your team is against one of the teams that are anticipated to win, don’t change your bet because you desperately want your favorite team to win. Just be realistic and put emotions aside and put your bet where it counts.

It is understandable that sports are an actual rollercoaster of emotions. Coupled with the fact that you might lose your money in the bet, the stress levels might be higher. It is therefore important to not let your emotional attachments to a particular team affect your betting choices however unfavorable they are to your favorite team.

6. Do  Thorough Homework

To be able to win in betting it is important to do a good such and know the teams which are playing. If you are a weekend person, it is good to know the kind of teams to bet on this Saturday or this Sunday in advance. This will help you get to study the teams better before placing your bet.

From the above tips, it is important it is worth noting that betting is not like rolling a dice. At least it is necessary to know what you are betting on and what chances does your choice of teams have of winning. Picking teams from thin air will throw your money to the thin air as well.

Word of Caution

It is important to note that betting may be at times very addictive and may lead to stress especially if you put all your money in it. It is therefore important for people to do it in a controlled manner

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