A strategy is critical when betting. Wise gamblers know that the secret to surviving is adopting a system that manipulates the prevailing betting rules appropriately. Trixie bet is one such strategy. It gives you options by making probable outcomes as player-friendly as it can get. Here is a complete guide on how Trixie bet works.

What is a Trixie Bet?

Trixie bet is a three-option wager that comprises of four bets – a treble and three doubles. It can be described as a threefold where three doubles are included. When one selection does not come through, you still get to generate a win.

When you decide to place a Trixie bet, you are placing four different bets comprising of 3 doubles and one triple. For instance, if you want to put a win only bet worth $2, your Trixie bet will cost a total of $8. That means each of the four bets will consume an equal amount of stake. The total amount of winning will depend on the number of selections that win and the respective odds of each win.

Trixie bet has no single bet. A minimum of two selections must win in order for profits to be generated. In most cases, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bets would be doubles while the 4th bet is a treble. An example of how Trixie bet looks like is as follows. Assume you have three horses, and they are named as A, B, and C. Now, you want to place Trixie bet. The first thing you should remember is that you are placing four bets.

  • Bet 1. A and B to win – double bet
  • Bet 2. B and C to win – double bet
  • Bet 3. A and C to win – double bet
  • Bet 4. A, B and C to win – treble

This is what is implied by Trixie bet.

How Trixie Bets Work

If you know how patent bets work, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to Trixie bet. It works by utilizing three selections in four different bets. Out of the four bets, 3 are doubles while 1 is a treble. Your winning amount will depend on the number of winning selections and the bet amount. It is considered to be among the simplest and risk-free betting types offered by bookmakers.

How to Place a Trixie Bet

Trixie bet is among the safer betting types that exist. You do not need a lot of knowledge to be able to place a Trixie bet. A precise and stepwise guide is sufficient to equip you with the skills required to put your own bet. The step is as follows:

  • Step 1. Sign up to any bookmaker of your choice. Don’t worry; many prominent bookmakers offer Trixie bet.
  • Step 2. You have an account, now make your first deposit. The amount to deposit will vary depending on the bookmaker that you are using. Check the minimum deposit that is accepted by your user.
  • Add three selections of your choice to the bet slip.
  • Enter the amount of stake to use in the Trixie box. Remember that you are placing four bets, so the amount of stake will apply four times.
  • Confirm your bet and wait for your revenue.

Trixie Bet Calculator

Manual calculations to determine the values of profits can be tiresome. Similarly, manual calculations are prone to errors. You can easily find yourself making the wrong decision because the value that you got in the count was incorrect.

It is advisable to use automated Trixie calculators to do the breakdown for you, to avoid doing the tedious and stressful calculations by yourself.

An excellent example of a Trixie calculator is Bet Victor’s bet calculator. You put the prices of the three selections and your stake. The calculator will automatically show the possible amount you stand to win.

Trixie Bet in Horse Racing

Trixie bet is more interesting when done with horse racing. In fact, most gamblers would prefer to play it with horse racing. The minimum numbers of horses that can participate in a single game are three. Your bets will feature each of the three horses, with each individual bet accepting at least two horses.

The game is both impressive to watch and bet. The possibilities of losing cash are usually meager. Although the odds are low, your stake is always insured. Therefore it is worth to play Trixie bet in horse racing with reduced odds. In some events, the number of horses can be higher. Here you can decide to select horses of your choice and place your bet.

Trixie Bet in Football

Recently there has been an interest in including Trixie in football. Of course, it is the right approach; the majority of gamblers love it. Most bet types that are available for football have done less to control risk. With Trixie bet, players have different risk management options at their disposal. Your chances of losing a bet are very minimal hence enhance the large spread of wins.

In summary, Trixie bet works by using three distinct selections to make four bets; three double bets and one treble totaling to four. A win is registered in every two selections that win. The fourth selection only wins when all the three winners. Like other bet types, it does not cost much to place a Trixie.

However, the minimum value primarily depends on the betting platform that you are using. Some betting platforms can accept as low as one $1, while others need a higher figure. Some gamblers consider it to be less profitable, but the extent to which the risk is managed it desirable.

Although the income generated is a bit brief, you are assured that your stake is always safe. Therefore, it is worth betting with Trixie bet. In the event that you are betting Trixie horse racing and you have a non-runner, consider any three running horses. If there are only three horses, contact your bookmarker for assistance.

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