Sports Betting Tips – How to Ace that SportPesa, Elite Bet or Betway Stake

Looking for betting tips to help you improve your chances of winning this weekend? Well. Look no further. While this comprehensive betting guide will not tell you what team to bet on, it will teach you the skills you need to make your own informed decisions every weekend.

I am going to share insider information, closely guarded facts only the best tipsters and professional sports betting gurus use to get their bets right.

If this sounds too hard for you, you can exit now and keep on trusting your passion or partial game analysis to win the bet. You can keep on paying tipsters to give you sports betting tips for the weekend or you can begin using your own brain and some math to make informed bets.

Sports Betting is Tricky (Mpira Udunda)

Mpira udunda. This is a common phrase in Kenya football fans use to explain those impossibilities that become possible under the most unexpected circumstances. Things like Leicester City winning the EPL, or Harambee Stars beat Kenya All Stars beating Hull City five goals to nil might happen but they never happen every day.

Does this mean that no one has control over the bets they place with popular Kenyan bookies like Elitebet or SportPesa? Not at all.

So how do you beat the odds and end up a winner, or make steady profits even if you don’t hit the jackpot? Here are a couple of tricks to get you started.

Know the Game Inside Out

It not all about knowing which team won the last six games or who plays better offensively and defensively. You need to know specific details about the team and the importance of the encounter.

Does the team always crack under pressure? Do they almost always fail to deliver when you expect them to? Is team morale low after a player-coach row or is the team’s star strike having a bad time with his family?

Knowing the history of the team, past performance and the current events that might affect individual or team performance is key in predicting possible outcomes. Things, like playing a little too many games in a week, or having to travel long distances for an away game in a different climate area, might even affect the team performance.

Don’t Stick to One Bookmaker

Most people will always be looking for SportPesa betting tricks or show interest in everything Betway Kenya. While it is noble to stay brand specific, it is wise to shop around and try a couple of sports betting sites in Kenya every weekend.

Compare different platforms to see who has the best odds for the market you are interested in. If you know the sports betting basics well, you won’t have any trouble starting off with a new platform in order to leverage better odds or a lucrative jackpot.

A sports betting sites review will help you choose what other platform to try. You should know everything about deposit, whether you can use MPESA, if you can bet through SMS and so forth before opening an account.

Keep Your Multibets In Check

It only takes one wrong bet to kill your multibet. Most people don’t think of it this way. The cumulative possible wins will always cloud your judgment, making you focus on how much you might make if you win rather than seeing how hard you are making it to win.

If you are into it to make money, think small. Not big. By small I don’t mean going for the platform with the lowest minimum bet amount. It means keeping your multibets in check.

Three to five multibets are fine. If you find yourself going beyond five, just know you are crossing over to the fantasy world.

If you do your research well, you might be better off putting Ksh200 or a treble bet as opposed to putting Ksh100 or six games.

Look Into the Less Obvious Markets

If you know your sport of choice well, you will be aware of the different games going on in a weekend. You will not only have your eyes of La Liga, EPL and Bundesliga but also know of those small and easy to predict games in the Chinese or South African league.

Apart from just switching teams, you can consider other bets on high-profile games. It might not be easy to decide if Arsenal will beat Tottenham but you might be better off betting on Alexis Sanchez to score a goal or to bet on Arsenal winning in ball possession or shots on target.

Never Bet With Your Heart

If you have a personal favorite in a matchup, just skip that bet and live to fight another day. Passion will always cloud your judgment. If you are wishing and hoping that your team wins the next three games so that you can skip relegation, sit it out.

The same applies if you are wishing that a team loses so that you can close the gap between.

It is also wise to keep off derby games or anything between two superior teams where the players or teams have some honor to fight for. You can never know what a man defending his honor might be willing to do in order to win.

Don’t Bet Every Day, or Weekend

Serial winners never bet on every game. They take breaks. Clear their minds and remind themselves that they are not in total control. The best way to keep your cool is skip bets and refresh your mind.

This will not only make you a responsible gambler but also reduce the frustration or amount of small bets you lose trying to make ends meet.

Such a strategy will put pressure on you, forcing you to do better game analysis and a detailed market search since you know that you don’t get to place a redeeming bet the following day.

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