Sportpesa Review – A Complete Analysis of the Most Popular Sportsbook in Kenya

[vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1474656455050{margin-top: 20px !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]SportPesa sits at the very top of sports betting in Kenya. Tons of winners praising the name and a couple of head-turning partnerships for the Kenyan based sportsbook have cemented its position in the quickly growing online sports betting arena. With the majority of SportPesa’s betting concentrated on mobile devices, through either text and USSD requests or the official app, the company has managed to capture a bigger part of the population that doesn’t have constant access to the internet through a computer. Here’s my honest Sportpesa review with detailed attention to all the important aspects that you should consider when choosing a sports bookie.sportpesa games today

My SportPesa review would be incomplete without mentioning the fact that it is among the most popular betting platforms in Kenya following its heavy presence in the local Kenya Premier League and its exploits in the European Premier League.

Since it is legally authorized to operate in Kenya by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act, Cap 131, Law of Kenya, you should have little or no worries when investing your money here.

Overall Design and Operation

The good thing about this sportsbook is the flexibility it offers to its users. You will get three solid betting platforms each tailored to suit a different section of the population. There is the comprehensive and professional-looking website, the smartphone app and the option to register and place bets through mobile SMS.

The website is the most comprehensive of all. You will get a detailed listing of all the available betting options on upcoming games. Ordering the games by league will be sufficient if you are interested in the top five leagues in the world of football while ordering by country will help you access other teams from across the globe. This could help you if you are playing the diversity in implementing a variety of betting tricks.

The SportPesa Betting App

Your SportPesa Android App (my personal favorite) is equally capable and even easier to use. The well-planned user interface doesn’t look as intimidating as the website. The simple app that reeks of the ‘lets-get-this-done’ attitude. The easy navigation and a comprehensive inclusion of all the necessary options, from a ‘how to bet guide’ to a register, deposit funds, withdraw funds and of cause, the bet slip adds great points to SportPesa’s usability.

SMS Betting Option

Finally, there’s the convenient over SMS option. This will come in handy when you don’t have a smartphone nearby or for some reason don’t have an active internet connection. Everything happens over text and there are game codes and betting codes you should learn before sending your command texts to 79079. Though convenient, the learning curve is steeper and should only be used as last resort.

The Market (Betting Options)

SportPesa focuses the 1×2 (3-Way) market that gives you three possible outcomes at full time. This could be so because it is undeniably the simplest market for beginners

  • Home Win (1)
  • Draw (x)
  • Away Win (2)

Other markets include

  • Goals over/under
  • Both teams to score
  • Double Chance Home/Away
  • 3-Way first half
  • 3-Way second half
  • Correct Score
  • Goal Odd/Even
  • First Half Under/Over

And many more

The bet is settled on the result of the match at full time meaning that all the injury and stoppage time will be included in deciding your fate.

The sportsbook extrapolates this concept to cover a three-pronged betting possibility.

  • A single bet option lets you bet on one team
  • The multibet system that allows you to increase your winnings by betting on multiple teams. You only win if all your bets are right
  • The jackpot that has a total of 13 matches to predict. Getting all 13 right wins you the jackpot that’s normally Ksh5 million plus while people who get 10, 11, or 12 bets right still finish in the money bracket. The jackpot money is shared amongst all the winners
  • A mega jackpot that is simply the jackpot on steroids. The prize money is more impressive and you will have to predict the outcome of 17 games from across the table.

sportpesa reviewDepositing and Withdrawing Cash

Depositing and withdrawing cash is a breeze. You can choose to use mobile money transfer options or do an over the counter transaction at the Sportpesa cash desks. It will be a diservice to this Sportpesa review if I don’t mention that this bookie has one of the most elaborate & convenient cash transaction options.

Depositing or withdrawing with the cash desk is the simplest. All you need is your account details and the cashier will handle the deposit or withdrawal for you. Deposits reflect immediately and you will be given a signed sleep as proof of deposit.

To Withdraw money at a Sportpesa cash desk:

Text W#1#1200#8888, where 1 is the cash desk number, 1200 is the amount, 8888 is your account pin (you will have received it upon registration)

Present the verification text to the Sportpesa agent to claim your money

Using mobile money transfer is more convenient and applicable where you don’t have an agent nearby. The procedure will vary depending on your mobile service provider.

How to Do a Sportpesa Money Deposit from MPESA

  1. Go to Mpesa Menu
  2. Select Lipa Na Mpesa
  3. Paybill
  4. Enter business number 955100
  5. Account number SPORTPESA
  6. Enter amount to transfer to Sportpesa account
  7. Enter PIN

Sportpesa Money Deposit With Airtel Money

  1. Go to Airtel Money Menu
  2. Make payment
  3. Select Paybill
  4. Click Other
  5. Enter Business number SPORTPESA
  6. Enter Amount to transfer to Sportpesa account
  7. Enter PIN
  8. Enter reference number as FOOTBALL

Depositing to Sportpesa Using Orange Money

  1. Go to Orange Money
  2. Select paybill
  3. Click other
  4. Enter paybill number 079079
  5. Enter amount to transfer to Sportpesa account
  6. Enter PIN

Withdrawing money to your mobile money account is simpler since Sportpesa will have your default account on record. You just text W#1200#8888 where 1200 is the amount and 8888 your pin. You have to send the text from the phone you registered with.

What To Know Before Placing a Bet With SportPesa

Even though the platform isn’t responsible for teaching you how to read the odds and how to predict your matches, it does give you access to some statistics to back up your decision making. The website has dedicated tabs for the live score tracking, a statistics page that shows team performance and form and the oh so important results page that helps you determine your bet outcome before the official communication (that’s if you are not watching the game you bet on.)

Here are some of the most important bets you should know about SportPesa before placing your first bet

  • The minimum bet amount is Ksh100
  • A bet is only active the moment you receive your confirmation text or notification (depending on which platform you are on)
  • The game outcome will include any stoppage or injury time scores
  • The jackpot and mega jackpot increases weekly as long as no one gets the predictions right and claims the money
  • All the SMS used in placing bets, depositing funds or withdrawing should be from the phone number you used to register the account (you can contact customer care in case you need to change your default phone number)
  • You can play the jackpot as many times as you please
  • Each cash withdrawal costs Ksh33

sports-betting-tricks-and-tipsPlayer Base and Trust Flow

Sportpesa has earned itself quite the reputation following the great investments its making both locally and internationally. The Sports bookie sponsors Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards, the Kenyan Premier League and is also the new shirt sponsor for the EPL team, Hull City. Combine this with the heavy involvement in community sports and you get a solid company that has a great place in the hearts of many locals.

In terms of honoring its word, Sportpesa has had a great reputation in paying winners and is touted to be among the best and most loyal on big money payouts.

It’s Twitter and Facebook profile bristles with activity and the customer support is always quick in responding to and addressing customer complaints. Great and timely customer support always hints on seriousness and reliability.

SportPesa Contacts

Twitter: @sportpesa

Facebook: sportpesa

Phone: 0755 079 079       0709 079 079

Important SportPesa Account Management

Other than just depositing or withdrawing funds and placing bets, there’s a couple of SportPesa account related tricks you will need to keep your cool when playing. Note that all the SMS codes must be sent using the phone number you used to register

How to Delete Your Account

To deactivate your account, you will be better off withdrawing all your money first before proceeding. The best way to disable the account is by SMS. Send the word “STOP” to 79079

Disabling SMS Notifications

SportPesa will naturally send notifications on upcoming games, game news and other bet related information to you via SMS upon registration. If you think of this as a nuisance, you can pause the notifications by sending ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ to 79079.

Canceling a SportPesa Bet

If you wish to cancel a rogue bet, you have to do so within 10 minutes of placing the bet and before the games begin. If these conditions hold, you can cancel by sending “CANCEL BET ID” to 79079.


Sportpesa Review: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Flexible gaming options to cater for all player base
  • Prompt settlement on bet payouts
  • An impressive customer support desk that is always available and ready to help
  • A great jackpot and mega jackpot option that’s appealing to the ambitious


  • If you like betting small, you will find the Ksh100 minimum quite hefty

Sportpesa recently changed its minimum betting stake to Ksh49 in the wake of stiff competition from the niche. This means that Sportpesa now has a minimum betting amount that is to the hearts of most Kenyan punters who were a bit skeptic at placing Ksh100 per bet.

What I Think of SportPesa

My Sportpesa review will be incomplete without telling you what I really think of the bookie. It is among the most reliable sportsbooks in Kenya. It gives you a solid bet platform that will always keep you in play no matter what and its immense trust flow guarantees you honest payouts for your investments. You can check out their official website at

You can check out their official website here to check out more details or grab your account. If you are still uncertain, you can refer to my quick comparison table to get an overview of all the available options in Kenya. Alternatively, you can check out my comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect sports bookie. I’m confident this will help you make a better decision. If all is in vain, just contact me with your questions. I’ll be more than glad to help.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Age Limitation

You must be 18 years old or over to use this site. Please bet responsibly.

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New Bookmakers

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Dafabet is an Asian bookmaker, highly popular due to its custom suite nature for Kenyan bettors. It is a top-rated bookie among Asian handicap bettors.


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