Live betting is becoming one of the most coveted kinds of betting style. It is a high risk but comes with big returns. Also known as in-play betting, live betting offers punters the opportunity to bet on a particular match while it is underway. In this article, we are going to delve deeper on the advantages and tricks of making a kill with live betting.

Unlike the conventional pre-match betting, whereby once you have placed your bet, there is nothing you can do other than sit and wait for the end results, for live betting it is like you are your own boss. You determine when to bet based on the odds provided by the bookie.

You can also change your bet based on the fluctuating odds. Isn’t that fantastic? All you have to do is know when to bet and the factors that may determine the results you are betting on. With live bets, you also have the opportunity to “cash out” on the bet. Here are some tips for profitable live betting.

Don’t Panic-Think Like an Experienced Coach

Bookies are not there to give you free money. The constantly shifting odds are not by chance. They are designed to instil fear into your mind in order to cash out or change your mind. While at this, you might lose the bet. To beat the bookie at their own game, you need to espouse the mindset of an experienced coach.

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A good coach adapts to the contemporary situation and does not panic. As a live bettor, you should look at the fluctuating odds as a challenge rather than a threat which instils fear in you. It is right to say this is a golden opportunity.

making money with live betting

While at it, do your analysis and you can place a new bet if you feel there is need based on the analysis. If you feel you need to close the bet, you can cash out. Well, at the end of the day you become the winner.

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Increasing or Decreasing Odds (Time Decay)

As time passes by, you will realize that the odds for either team keep changing; one increases while the other decreases. Essentially this is caused by time decay. Time decay is the elapsed time in a football match.

For instance, if team A and B are playing and the match has reached the 88th minute and team A is leading with 1 goal, you will realize that the odds for A are shortening while those of B are drifting (high).

The time decay makes one’s possibility likely or unlikely. If you look keenly on the elapsed time, you can decide on which team is likely to win due to their game plan.

Cashing out

If Chelsea were playing with Arsenal and at the start of the match, you have bet on Chelsea to win. At half time, they are leading 2-0; the odds for Arsenal would drift tremendously. But at the clock of the 70th minute, Arsenal level against Chelsea, at this point, it seems you are not sure which team will win.

You can decide to cash out at this moment. Although the profits may be low, you will recoup something other than losing the bet if Arsenal eventually wins or it ends in a draw.

making money live betting cashing out

Treat Losses as You Would Profits

Betting can be tricky. At times you may feel like you are in a winning streak. This will give you a false sense of achievement and you might go overboard. This is the time losses will come knocking and you might overreact and lead to more losses.

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To avoid this scenario, when you win, maintain a cool and rational composure. The same case should apply when you lose and this way, you will enjoy and make profits from live betting.


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