How to Increase the Chances of Winning the Sportpesa Jackpot

Sports betting in Kenya is a business. If you treat it so, you are going to win big. In this piece, I am going to take you through the steps for increasing the chances of winning the Sportpesa jackpot. To make things clear it is important to note that the sportsbook, which is the official Gor Mahia Football Club sponsor, has two types of jackpots: The 10-million base prize Jackpot and the 100 million base prize Mega Jackpot.

Early in 2016, the company announced that it had revamped its Jackpot possible win from 5 million to 10 million as the base prize. This was a good move especially to prospective betting individuals who were aiming at big wins. However, the announcement came with other important, but less highlighted details.

Risking Wisely to Become Sportpesa Latest Jackpot Winner

For the first in Kenya, individuals could predict two different outcomes in one match in the same bet. As the company simply put it; Double Combinations on the Jackpot games. To those who know about chances and probability, having a double chance on a jackpot match increases the chances of getting it right.

Sportpesa JackpotIf you have ever tried your chance in this multi-million venture, you will easily relate to the fact that one correct prediction could be the difference between becoming the ultimate Sportpesa Jackpot winner or settle for the bonuses. Placing different bets for the Jackpot, which have different outcomes may work in some cases in increasing the number of matches you predict correctly but may not be as effective as going for the Jackpot Double Combinations and consolidating your predictions in one bet.

At this point, it is important to note two important things regarding the minimum stake when playing the double chances and when is the appropriate time to do so.

First, the minimum stake amount will vary depending on the number of double combinations you play on the 13-match Jackpot. Sportpesa made it possible for users to select either Home win or Away win, Home win or Draw, and Draw or Away win back in January 2016 after it had its first-ever lady winning the Jackpot. At the same time, the company set the minimum Jackpot win at 10 million.

How the Double Combinations Work in the Sportpesa Jackpot?

When you choose two different outcomes on the same match, that is basically two different bets. As such, in terms of the minimum stake, such a Jackpot bet would be Kshs. 200. If you proceed to play another double combination in the same Jackpot, the minimum amount will be Kshs. 400 since your predictions at that point would be like 4 different Jackpot bet and each costs Kshs. 100.

The advantage of playing the double combinations in a Jackpot is that it will increase the chances of getting many correct predictions and be on your way to winning this week’s Jackpot. However, the double combination approach of placing your bets also has a rule. You can only play up a maximum of 7 double combinations. By the time you exhaust all those combinations, it would be like placing 128 different Jackpots but consolidated in one.

Provided you have a little background about football and you decide to go all out and exhaust the 7 combinations then you could easily assume that you already have 7 out 13 correct predictions. As such, you would only 3 correct predictions away from becoming a Sportpesa Jackpot bonus winner. The company was the first, and has been awarding Jackpot players bonuses for 10/13, 11/13 and 12/13 correct predictions. Each week’s bonus winnings vary depending on the number of people with correct bets in each category.

Before you really get excited about the Jackpot double combinations, you would want to note that the 7 total combinations that equal to 128 bets will cost you Kshs. 12,800. Such an amount is no mean fete for most betting fanatics. Using Kshs. 12,800 requires planning and proper decision making so that you do not end up totally on the losing end.

When to Exploit the Jackpot Double Combinations for a Better Winning Combo

As I have already noted in my other posts, Sports Betting is a Business and you ought to treat it so. It is such a business approach that would drive you to use the above quoted amount as stake. After observing and taking part in the Sportpesa past Jackpots, here are my recommendations on the best time to spend up to Kshs. 12,800 as stake:

  • When the Jackpot games seem tricky and would record few winners
  • After a comprehensive research and identified the 7 games for the double combinations
  • If you will still have money left in your Spesa balance after the bet
  • When you are sure the Kshs. 12,800 is not the only money you have

The first two recommendations are particularly important. They will help you to avoid a situation whereby you do not win the Jackpot and end up with a smaller bonus win than what you spent.

In conclusion, it is time you shift from placing different Jackpot bets and embrace the combined option that would increase the chances of winning the Sportpesa Jackpot. The idea only works to emphasize why you need to treat betting with the respect it deserves and be ready to risk more to win BIG.

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