How to Convert 1xBet Booking Code to 22Bet

Most punters seek an easy way to share their booking code with different bookmakers. One alternative way of using the same booking code on different bookmakers is through converting. Is it possible to convert your 1XBet booking code to 22Bet? Let’s find out below in our detailed review.

What Happens When Using 1XBet Code Straight on 22Bet?

It is not possible to use the same 1XBet code on 22Bet straightaway without conversions. After all, they are booking codes from different platforms with no affiliation. You will get a warning that your booking code is incorrect.

Here is what happens when you try to use the same booking code from 1XBet on 22Bet:

It is clear from the experiment above that it is impossible to use the same 1xBet booking code on 22Bet. Most users will get an incorrect code/error text from the bookmaker.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t work it out. This is where the presence of bet booking code converters comes in handy.

What are Booking Code Converters?

Betting code converters are online tools that help punters convert their booking codes from one bookmaker to another. This is particularly helpful when a punter finds the best odds and prefers to place their bet on another bookmaker for various reasons. The converter tool ensures that the punters can translate their booking code to fit into another bookmaker.

For example, we can generate a different booking code from our previous 1XBet booking code to find 22Bet.

Top Three Bet Booking Code Converters Tested

The market is booming with different bet booking code converters. However, not all these converters work seamlessly. Here are our top three picks of tested bet booking code converters:

This is a one-stop bet conversion service across all bookies. It offers a service that converts bet selections from one betting site to another.

This reliable bet code conversion site allows users to convert many bet codes from one betting platform to another.


This reliable bet code conversion site converts any desired betting code in seconds. Moreover, it contains a list of popular bookmakers to make your conversions.

Do Booking Code Converters Work?

Yes. Bet booking code converters work seamlessly and produce bet booking codes for your desired bookmaker. Here is a simple breakdown of how to convert your 1XBet booking code into 22Bet using

Visit the bet code converters’ site

Enter 1XBet Booking Code and select origin bookie in the convert from field

Select the target bookie in the convert to field (22bet for our case)

Click convert

Save the converted booking code

Upon converting, the bet converter tool will provide a new bet booking code based on your initial booking code. Moreover, it will show the events available and accumulated odds for the new bookmaker.

Can I Use 1XBet Booking Codes in 22Bet?

Yes. With the new bet booking code, you can try whether it works out in your new bookmaker (22Bet).

Visit 22Bet

visit bet slip

Enter bet slip

Save/load bet slip

Enter new bet booking code


View bet slip

Enter stake

Place bet

Key Takeaway

Bet booking code conversion tools are essential for bookmakers looking to test out different bookmakers with their odds. Finding the best conversion tool saves the time and hassle of inputting individual events in your bet slip. Hence, it is a tool that ardent punters should add to their arsenal for a seamless gambling experience.


What are bet booking code conversion tools?

These essential tools convert bet booking codes from one bookmaker to another.

Do these conversion tools work?

Yes. Based on our experiment above, our conversion tool converted a 1XBet booking code to 22Bet. However, it depends on the conversion tool one uses.

Can I convert my booking code for free?

Yes. Most conversion tools offer free conversions for your booking codes. Others require one to register an account with their site.

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