How to Cancel a Bet in Hollywood Bet

This South African bookmaker also known as Hollywood Sportsbook has grown in leaps and bounds from the 2000 small Durban office. The betting house boasts multiple platforms ranging from online, betting shops all over South Africa and SMS options.

Betting is a tricky affair. It is bound to be affected by human errors by either commission or omissions. The problem, of mistakes, is solved by Hollywood bet through canceling bet option. It is important to note that most companies don’t cancel any bet especially after being receipted. This betting site is conscious of this fundamental right of the user. However, there are also other special circumstances that the bookmaker can intervene and cancel the bet.

How to Cancel a HollyWood Bet Online

Given the likelihood of wrongfully selecting a pick, online betting is one primary source of human error. So what do you do in the event you blunder? Hollywood bet offers a simple solution to your problem.

Hollywood bets spell out in terms and conditions that when a customer realizes or suspect that the firm’s system and its employees or agents may have made an error in accepting a betting transaction, they can raise a complaint. The punter is urged to inform the bookmaker to determine whether a mistake is made. It ensures potential dispute and disappointment of the customer is averted when the transaction concerned has been corrected or canceled. It is a departure from the other houses where transactions are rarely reversed.

This makes canceling a bet online reasonably easy. You can directly contact the help center or navigate the topics in the main menu of the site. If there is a bet that you need to cancel on your account, please phone Hollywood bet Call Center. You will be requested to furnish the help center with your details and bet reference number. However, even with this comes the unilateral discretionary powers of the firm to cancel bets each case with its merits.

  •    Log into your account
  •    Navigate to the HELP icon
  •    Open the ONLINE HELP icon to get relevant customer care numbers.
  •    Call 08600-HOLLY (46559)
  •    You will be requested to furnish your Hollywood ACCOUNT and REFERENCE number for the bet.
  •    The customer care experts will assist in cancellation of the bet.

How to cancel SMS bets

Hollywood bet considers SMS bets void as spelled out in their terms and conditions. Instead, they use the telephone as a means of placing bets.

How to Cancel Telephone Bets

Hollywood bets use the telephone as a medium through which their clients place bets. By calling the Hollywood center, a customer can instruct the firm through the operator to place bets on their behalf. The firm is however not liable for any inconveniences brought about by inaccurate information by the customer. However, even in this case, a bet is considered valid and not legible to be canceled if a receipt is issued. The same procedure of canceling a bet just as in the online situation is applied.

  •    Call 08600-HOLLY (46559)
  •    You will be requested to furnish your Hollywood ACCOUNT and REFERENCE number for the stake.
  •    The customer care experts will assist in executing the cancellation of the bet.

Bet Canceling Terms and Conditions

According to Hollywood bet conditions, bets can only be withdrawn if the case is genuine. Mostly when there is a substantial error by the site software, generating errors or employees (in the case of placing a bet using the telephone). However, it is not automatic that any request for bet cancellation can be affected. Usually, the bookmaker investigates to establish if the circumstance warrants a reversal.

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