How to book a bet on BetKing

Bet booking is the process that involves generating a code on the website and taking it to the physical shop afterward. Booking a bet on BetKing involves creating and customizing bets. You can do this without logging into an account. The generated code is then taken to a Betking agent to place the bet or save and share with others to bet later.

A step-by-step guide for getting a betting code

To get a booking code on Betking, select bets and generate a code to represent them. You can use the code later to load a bet. You can also share your bet with friends without going through the game selection process again.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to book a code on Betking:

1. Visit the Betking website and do not login. This is because one cannot book a bet when they are logged in.

2. Navigate to the sports book, which is normally on the first page, and select the preferred sport to bet on. Examples include: football, tennis, footballGo and basketball.

Sportsbook on Betking

Sportsbook on Betking

3. Make your bet selection.

Bet selection on Betking

Bet selection on Betking

4. Check the betting slip to confirm your selection. On the right side of the computer or at the bottom in a mobile.

Betting slip on Betking

Betting slip on Betking

5. Generate the booking code. At the bet slip, there are three provided options: cancel, book & proceed. Click on the ‘Book’ option, it will generate a unique booking code for the betting selection.

Betting Code in Betking

Betting Code in Betking

6. Save the code. You can save by printing or share the generated code with friends. Someone else can also use the code and place bets on the exact selection.

Printing booking code in Betking

Printing booking code in Betking

How and where to use the booking code

Getting a booking code doesn’t automatically place the bet. You have to stake and confirm the bet separately before placing it. On Betking, you use the generated booking code on the website where users enter the code to load the bet slip.

Here is how you load the booking code:
I. Visit the Betking website.

II. On the right side below coupon tools, you will see a search bar to enter the code.

Betting code search bar in Betking

Betting code search bar in Betking

III. Enter the code in the search bar and click load to display your bet slip.

Betting code in Beking

Betting code in Beking

IV. Select the stake and click the proceed option to place the bet.

Betting in Betking

You can also take the Betking booking code to a nearby Betking agent and get a bet code. If you win, you collect your winnings from the agent where you placed the bet.

How to change bets in a booking code

You can change the existing booking. Maybe you want to add or cancel a certain bet. Or maybe there is an increase or decrease in odds, and you want to confirm. Here is how you can change your bets in a booking code:

1) Visit Betking website.

2) Enter the code on the search bar on the right side of the website and load the code.

3) Once you’ve retrieved the bet slip, adjust it to your preference (removing games you don’t want or adding more games by picking selections from other sporting events).

Betking Bet slip

Betking Bet slip

4) Then, confirm your bet.

If you are not ready to place the bet you can book again with the new bet slip but it will generate a new booking code.

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