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An Honest Guide to top Soccer Betting Sites in Kenya

Sports betting is an undeniable sensation. It is the simplest way to putting all your knowledge of the game, the passion and your prediction skills to work. I bet you are here seeking the best sports betting sites that will let you play the odds and your prediction skills to strike a fortune. If this is the case, then today is your lucky day. I am going to discuss the top sports betting platforms for your exploits, both in Kenya and internationally, before going ahead and investigating a variety of bet placing tricks and strategies that could give you a better shot at getting better returns for your investments.

If you are wondering who Edward is, I’m a sports enthusiast. I spend my weekdays, weekends, days and nights thinking football, analyzing teams, discussing it out with my friends and getting my bet ideas right. My desire to change my passion into a source of income pushed me to search for the best platform that will give me a variety of ways to making money. I spent tedious hours online doing my research and comparing platforms. I’m going to save you the pain and give you exclusive access to my findings and even give you a list of the top betting sites in Kenya on my comprehensive online betting review website.

If You Are Pressed for Time…

Perhaps you already know the basics of the trade and don’t have the time to go through my detailed introductory piece. Don’t sweat it. I’ve got you covered. You can head straight to my comparison table page and check out the summarized comparison and analysis of the major sportsbooks at your disposal.

If you already have a football betting site in mind and are seeking its detailed review before making the ultimate decision, you can check out my top five picks here. I’m confident you will find them more than sufficient.

Top Football Betting Sites in Kenya


Sportpesa is a favorite following its numerous investments in the society and popular football leagues. This serves to give it the great following and impressive trust flow that is definitely a plus if you want to be sure of where you put your money. Being the only platform with an Android app, this will sit well with smartphone owners betting on the go while the SMS bet option will keep you in touch with the games no matter what. Check out my Sportpesa review to learn more.


Although mCHEZAonly launched towards the end of 2015, it has quickly become one of the common players in the Kenyan betting space. The phenomenon growth of the sportsbook stems from two main factors; its aggressive approach in advertising its services and dedicated and continuous investment. If you want to increase your chances of winning sports bets in exploiting different market options, then mCHEZA will feature among the top considerations. Here is the complete mCHEZA analysis.


With Betyetu, you get the utter simplicity of betting from your mobile phone regardless of whether you have an internet connection or not. Registering is as simple as depositing money to the Betyetu MPESA paybill account. You can either place your bets by visiting the official website or using convenient SMS codes. The most revolutionary thing to expect here is the bet bonus in multibets and the dynamic jackpot with a fallback plan. Check out my comprehensive Betyetu review for all the juicy bits.

Betin Kenya

Betin reeks of professionalism and elite betting. Everything, from the fact that you only register through the website to its diverse betting options and full market options makes it the elite platform for veteran punters. A professional user interface ported from the international Betin platform makes it a great place to be at if you are serious about taking sports betting, and a couple of casino games, professionally. Check out the review here.

No need to worry if you didn’t find a name you wanted to see on my list. You can find all the reviews on my website using the menu or a quick search on the search bar. I’ve got more than enough information to help you choose the best sports betting site for you needs here.

What to Look for in a Sportsbook

To get the best soccer betting site in Kenya, you will want to throw lot with the top sites. While being in the business for long might earn a website a reputation, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best. Knowing what to look for when analyzing sports betting platforms will help you choose the right brand that has a good reputation and a revolutionary betting style.

Here are some things to consider when choosing

1. Get Recommendations

Recommendations are the holy grail of online betting. If you have any successful friends in sports betting, you can take on their suggestions. Always ask for reasons and get a couple of recommendations before weighing the pros and cons on your own. You can check out my top five recommendations here. I have carefully listed the pros and cons and explored any notable features of each.

2. The Sports Covered

The majority of the online betting sites will cover all of the major sports. This is a definite perk if you are seeking to diversify. This shouldn’t be an issue if you are interested in a specific sport. The only thing to consider is whether the website offers your primary sport on its roster.

3. The Betting Options and Jackpot Offers

Different platforms always field different betting options. These could be the popular match result bet, multi bet combinations, half time score bets, goal scorer bet and so much more. The more the options the more the betting flexibility. You can check out my complete bet options and their definitions here for a clearer picture of what to look out for.

Jackpot bets include a combination of bets or selected bet options that will vary with the sports book. Lookout for a flexible site that offers frequent jackpot options to increase your chances of making a big kill sooner.

4. Your Deposit and Withdrawal Options

This is perhaps little or no concern in the modern day market. There is wire transfer, mobile banking, Western Union and checks. If you have a preferred deposit and withdrawal option, you should ensure that the betting platform you choose supports that kind of withdrawal.

5. Hidden Operational Charges

This might not be a problem if you are dreaming of small wins. However, if you have your eyes set on the jackpot, you should explore the payment transaction fees and any additional charges needed to handle bulk payouts. This will determine the actual money that ends up in your account after winning a major bet.

6. Accessibility

Every online sports betting platform has a website. This is the primary way to checking your odds, analyzing upcoming games and placing the bets. A good sports betting site will give you up to date odds data and let you access match related updates without switching platforms.

If you cannot access the website and would like to bet on the go, consider the sportsbooks mobile app and its support for USSD or text based betting services. This will save you a lot of time when you want to keep betting but cannot access a computer.

7. Is the Sportsbook Legal in Your Region?

Lastly, and most importantly, never place a bet with a site that isn’t cleared to operate in your region. Most of the transparent platforms will explicitly list the regions without their jurisdiction and make it hard for you to register with them. Our list contains 100 percent legitimate sports betting platforms and we will always point out their legal operating zones.

Why Choose a Sports Betting Site and Stay Loyal to it?

So, you are wondering why all the hype about choosing an online betting site and sticking by it. Other than just reaping of the benefits that come with working with the best sports betting site, you will be placing your money using a system you fully understand.

You will save on time and can make last minute decisions confidently since you understand the betting system in and out. You will focus more on the game odds rather than waste time trying to figure out the betting system with a major game looming.

If you can find a sports betting site with loyalty points, you will stand to gain more for your faithfulness. While this might not be your primary goal, any good windfall coming your way as a sports better is always welcome luck, chance and opportunity.

Mobile Gaming and Registration

Mobile gaming drives sports betting in Kenya, East Africa and the better part of the world. You will want to throw lot with a sportsbook that will let you stay in touch with the game using the resources you have at hand. The options are as simple as texting a specific number before sending money to the sports betting site account using mobile banking transfer or a direct wire transfer for bigger bet sums.

Here is a list of my favorite sports betting platforms in Kenya with the best deposit/withdrawal options (MPESA or Airtel) and registration is a breeze. You don’t even have to use the internet to place your first bet

  • SportPesa
  • Elitebet Kenya
  • Betin Kenya
  • BetYetu
  • Betway

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Sports Betting

Betting for your favourite/home team

This is a mistake in sports betting. You don’t have to place a bet on a team just because it is your favourite team. Most bettors end up losing this way since they do not do research on their home teams but blindly bet for them as they cheer them. You have to understand that betting is business and not amusement.

Betting on the sports you don’t understand

It is important to select one sport that you can specialize in. this involves doing intense research either online or in the journals and newspapers about the sport you have selected. This increases your chances of winning as you are familiar with the sport you bet in.

Betting without doing enough research

It is always important to do enough research before betting because it is the source of all successful sports betting. You have to learn how to collect important information and how to use the information to build statistics that can help you win.

Too much betting

Bankroll management is the most important issue to attend to in betting. This simply means creating a budget that will determine the amount of money you can afford in betting and that you won’t run broke if you lose. Have a constant figure you use in betting.

Not watching enough games.

Winning bettors do not only rely on statistics and data but also watch many games. Watching games helps you know and familiarise yourself with the strength and weaknesses of various teams. This will help you a big deal when betting


This is just but the tip of the iceberg. But don’t worry. I have made it my responsibility to share everything I learnt when researching on online sports betting here in Kenya. The knowledge applies to Africa and globally but I will be focusing on teaching you what to look for when getting onto the local websites. With most of them expanding in leaps and bounds, It won’t be long before you are a professional sports bet. The good thing is you will be betting on international sports but enjoying the flexibility and freedom of betting and payment platforms tailored just for you.

Feel free to ask any questions about my reviews and analyses. You can use any of the comment forms on my blog section. I will be more than glad to help.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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New Bookmakers

100% instant bonus upon your first deposit.


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Dafabet is an Asian bookmaker, highly popular due to its custom suite nature for Kenyan bettors. It is a top-rated bookie among Asian handicap bettors.


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