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Cash out live betting option has become a common phenomenon among punters in Kenya. Most people are making a kill using this option as opposed to the pre-match betting options which don’t offer such an option. Earlier on, we did an article regarding live sports betting and how one can make money using the cash out option. In this article, we are going to develop on the same by extrapolating on the sports betting sites in Kenya which offer the cash out option.

Most betting sites in Kenya are nowadays offering this cash out option on in-play betting. What this means is that you can ask all or part of your winnings before the sport/event you have placed your bet on finishes. This option enables you to take your winnings quicker when the money is needed in a hurry. It also helps one minimize his/her losses. Here are some of the sites in Kenya which offers this cash out option.


Betin is one of the best betting sites in Kenya. This is due to the different betting offerings the site offers. With the growing trend of in-play betting and cash out option, Betin has not been left behind. It is one of the topmost betting sites in Kenya offering the cash out option.

The days of only waiting for the full period of the event you have placed your bet on to end in order to claim your wins are over and Betin is offering an alternative to this by offering the cash out option. There is two cash out options offered by Betin; live cash out and pre-game cash out. Not that you cannot cancel a Betin bet once it has been placed so be keen on your betting.

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Live cash out

Live cash out enables the punter to cash out his/her bet live when the event is in progress. This is one of the best features which enables you to determine how your bet is going and then cash out when you feel you can make a profit however little it might be but nevertheless, it is a profit rather than losing all your bet. Also, it can help one minimize the possible losses if you see your bet is going south.

Pre-game Cash Out

This feature enables the bettor to collect his/her winnings before all the events in the bet being settled. Imagine all your multiple bets seem to be coming through only to hear that the star player of the team you selected to win is injured. This might put you in a fright mode and the best way to minimize your losses is to cash out your bet at this stage and walk with a profit.

There are some conditions pertaining cash out option with Betin. Here are some of the conditions among others:

  1. The option is available in a wide array of sporting events. However, Betin reserves the right to remove some events from the cash out option anytime.
  2. If the cash out request is successful, it will be displayed and consequently settled. The final outcome thus does not have an effect on the cashout.
  • Bets placed using a bonus are not eligible for cash out.

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Betway becomes among Kenya’s betting platforms to provide punters with the cash out option. Essentially this means that bettors have control of their betting and can withdraw their winnings or cut their losses while the game is underway. The Betway cash out option operates in real-time and whenever this settlement feature is displayed the punter can withdraw his/her winnings immediately.

In addition, Betway has the partial cash out feature. This means that punters can withdraw a proportion of their cash out while leaving the rest of the stake which will be settled once all the games have ended.

Betway offers to cash out and partial cash out on both single, system and multiple bets. The feature is valid for both in-play and pre-game bets.

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At Bet365, punters have the opportunity to cash out on their bets. However, it is worth knowing that this feature is not available for all events as well as all bets. Bets that can be cashed out are shown on your browser; hence punters can’t miss the opportunity to cash out in qualifying bets. The cash out option is available for both single and multiple bets for in-play games.

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Sportbet provides its bettors with partial cash out in the sense that one can cash out a proportion of his/her bet and claim the remainder once the event has finished.

With the advent of the internet, things have been made easier for punters. Unlike the old days where one had to place a bet, go home and wait for the event to end, see whether they won and go and collect their winnings, nowadays bookmakers have a lot to offer due to the ease of the internet. Cash out betting option is becoming rooted in Kenya and most bookmakers are embracing this settlement feature.

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