Are you looking for the best sports betting sites in Kenya? Look no more. You’ve come to the right place. Here at, we compare the very best betting sites in the country and recommend where you should stake your money. We will look at the most convenient betting sites with the best bonuses and amazing customer support. Read on to find out how to start betting in Kenya.

Best Betting Sites in Kenya

The betting sites arena keep changing in Kenya year in year out. We constantly update this section to ensure that we give you the reigning champion that best suits your sports betting needs. Currently, the top five sports betting sites in Kenya are:

  1. Sportybet Kenya: Simple, popular, bonuses on bets
  2. Betway Kenya: Stable, reliable
  3. 22bet: Wide range of games, entertaining betting alternatives
  4. Melbet: New with amazing promotions

Top Kenyan Betting Sites With Amazing Bonuses

  1. Sportybet
  2. 22bet
  3. 1xbet
  4. Betway

Choosing the Best Betting Site in Kenya

Online betting can be fun and profitable if you make the right decisions from the word go. According to our experience, your odds of making a profit depending on what betting site you play on. While sticking to one platform is great for familiarity, considering new or multiple betting sites could be the difference between constant failure and frequent success.

We will start by looking at the very best betting sites in Kenya. Our goal is to show you their most appealing features, their pros, cons and any important things we think you should know about them – even if you are not looking for a new betting platform.

Additionally, we will talk about the law governing online gaming in Kenya.

Since sports betting can generate lots of revenue if you win or a lot of pain if you lose, governments are keen on regulating betting. Sticking to legal platforms will keep your money protected and ensure you stay on the right side of the law.

If you are in a hurry, you can use the following menu to skip to important sections on this page.

  • What are the best betting sites in Kenya?
  • Best ways to deposit money to a sports betting site in Kenya
  • Top betting sites with good welcome bonuses in Kenya
  • Best betting sites with the highest odds in Kenya
  • Best football betting sites in Kenya
  • Top basketball betting sites in Kenya
  • Best rugby betting sites in Kenya
  • Best virtual sports betting sites in Kenya
  • Best live betting sites in Kenya
  • Best betting sites with cash out options in Kenya
  • How much tax do you pay on sports betting in Kenya?

Sports Betting Kenya: Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions we receive with regard to online betting in Kenya include:

What is the best betting site in Kenya?

If you are a beginner looking for a simple and straightforward betting site in Kenya, you can’t go wrong with Sportybet. Everything, from depositing, placing bets, copying friend bet slips with a booking code and withdrawing money via MPESA is straightforward. You also get bet slip specific bonuses, a cashout option and access to a ton of virtual sports.

How do I get a bonus when betting in Kenya?

To get a bonus when betting in Kenya, all you have to do is sign-up on a betting site. Afterwards, make a deposit to claim your bonus. However, some betting sites in Kenya do not require you to make a deposit to claim the welcome bonus. However, most bookies in Kenya will only give a bonus once you make a deposit.

What is the easiest way to deposit and withdraw money when betting in Kenya?

The best way to deposit money when betting in Kenya is by using the most popular money providers such as Mpesa and Airtel Money. This is simply because of the convenience when transacting using your mobile phone. Furthermore, Mpesa and Airtel Money are the easiest way to withdraw money when betting in Kenya.

Do I have to pay tax when betting in Kenya?

Yes. However, it is indirect. There is an excise duty of 20% of the amount wagered or staked at the betting site. The 20% deduction is a directive by the KRA that applies to all betting companies in compliance with tax rules and regulations.

Can I use international betting sites from Kenya?

Yes. Most international betting sites in Kenya give punters a welcome bonus when they sign-up or make a deposit at the site. However, the biggest downside when using these international betting sites is that they do not accept our preferred payment methods such as Mpesa and Airtel Money.

Is Online Betting Legal in Kenya?

Yes. The government does not block sites that take bets from Kenyan players. Furthermore, it recently began offering licenses to online betting sites. However, each betting site must show compliance with the current rules and regulations surrounding online betting.

Which is the Best Betting Site in Kenya?

We will start off with an in-depth look at the topmost reliable betting sites in Kenya this year.

This is a result of a detailed analysis of the current betting industry and a look at the most popular betting platforms. We go for popular since it will make it easier to share bets with your friends and even find it easier to autoload some of the bet slip suggestions from our in-house punters.

Top Five Betting Sites in Kenya

  1. Sportybet Kenya: Simple, popular, bonuses on bets
  2. Betway Kenya: Stable, reliable
  3. 22bet: Wide range of games, entertaining betting alternatives
  4. Melbet: New with amazing promotions

Our Recommendation: If you are starting out, start with Sportybet. If you are a seasoned punter looking for variety or boosted odds, go with 22bet. If you want a reliable and predictable bookie, get an account with Betway.

Sportybet Kenya

  • Best betting site for Kenyan beginners
  • Deposits/Withdrawal: MPESA
  • Minimum Stake/Bet: Ksh1
  • Welcome Bonuses: Yes
  • Jackpots: Yes, One 12 game jackpot
  • Live Betting: Yes
  • Vitrual Sports: Yes
  • Withdrawl: MPESA
  • Max Withdrawl Per Transaction: Ksh 150,000
  • Max Daily Transaction: Ksh 300,000

SportyBet is an amazing beginner friendly betting site for Kenyans. It is specifically designed for the Kenyan audience with transactions, bonuses and a social following that heavily comprises Kenyans.

The user interface is easy to navigate and choosing your favorite teams from different leagues will be a breeze. Moreover, you can book a bet by using a shared link or booking code from your friends or free tipster service if you are not up to building your own bet slip.

You can expect high levels of professionalism and game availability when betting here. The platform is 100% legal and in compliance with all the latest tax deductions the Kenyan government imposed on online sports betting.

Is Sportybet Legal in Kenya?

Yes. Sportybet is legal in Kenya as of October 2021. It was one of the first betting platforms to clear the new and stringent betting regulations in the country that saw popular Sportpesa drop out of the market.

What bonuses does Sportybet has on offer?

Sportybet runs a variety of welcome bonuses and rewards to new players that change over time. The most notable bonus is the per bet slip bonus that they give any player depending on the odds and stakes per bet slip.

What sports does Sportybet provide?

Since Kenya is a football oriented market, Sportybet has a strong presence in the football betting arena. You also have access to other sports like tennis, rugby, basketball, cricket and much more.

Signup for a Sportybet Account Here

Betway Kenya

  • Deposits/Withdrawal: MPESA/ Airtel
  • Minimun Stake/Bet: Ksh. 1
  • Welcome Bonuses: Yes
  • Jackpots: Yes
  • Live Betting: Yes
  • Virtual Sports: Yes
  • Withdrawal: MPESA/ Airtel
  • Max Withdrawal Per Transaction: Ksh. 400,000 per week
  • Max Daily Transaction: Ksh. 70,000

BetWay Kenya is highly popular betting site for Kenyans. It perfectly suits the Kenyan betting market with bonuses, live betting, promotions and bonuses.

It features a highly interactive interface that is easy to navigate. Therefore, you can get the different leagues that suits your taste and preferences. Also, the betting site has all the sport markets you will need.

Furthermore, it features attractive odds, a fast live betting facility and ranks among the top online casinos in Kenya.

The Kenyan audience can expect high level of professionalism with a wide range of games available. The sports betting company fully complies with the rules and regulations set by the Kenyan Government.

Is Betway Legal in Kenya?

Yes. Betway is legal in Kenya. The betting site is licensed and regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya. It abides by the current betting regulations in Kenya that changed the betting landscape in the country.

What bonuses does Betway offer?

Betway offers new players a wide range of bonuses and rewards. Currently, Betway offers new users a 50% deposit bonus of up to Ksh. 5,000 awarded as a free bet. Furthermore, the bonus only requires a 3x rollover.

What sports does Betway provide?

The Kenyan audience fully concentrates on the football market. Therefore, Betway maintains a strong stance in the football betting market. You can also have access to other sport markets such as cricket, basketball, rugby, volleyball, ice hockey and boxing among many more.


  • Deposits/Withdrawal: MPESA, Airtel
  • Minimum Stake/Bet: Ksh.1
  • Welcome Bonuses: Yes
  • Jackpots: Yes
  • Live Betting: Yes
  • Virtual Sports: Yes
  • Withdrawal: MPESA/ Airtel
  • Max Withdrawal Per Transaction: Ksh. 300,000
  • Max Daily Transaction: Ksh. 150,000

22Bet is a reliable bookmaker that provides quality sport betting options to players around the world, and has a user experience customized for markets it operates in, Kenya included. It follows up by providing attractive bonuses, rewards and promotions.

The betting site uses an old-school betting site without much changes to its design. However, the interface is highly friendly with easy navigation.

22Bet is highly popular in offering football markets with the best odds. The platform fully complies with Kenya’s rules and regulations. Also, it complies with the latest tax regulations that govern the licensing industry.

Is 22Bet Legal in Kenya?

Yes. 22Bet is fully licensed and regulated in the Republic of Kenya. It has a licensed granted by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya, an official institution of the Government of Kenya.

What bonuses does 22Bet has an offer?

22Bet awards all new players from Kenya with an awesome and generous welcome bonus. When signing up, players can get doubled their first deposit. Also, new players must wager the welcome bonus 5 times on accumulator bet before it gets withdrawn.

What sports does 22Bet provide?

22Bet has amazing football betting selections in different leagues. Furthermore, it also keeps its local with the Kenyan Premier League predictions. Also, it also offers a wide range of sports from basketball, tennis, rugby, cricket, handball and many more.


  • Deposits/Withdrawal: MPESA, Airtel
  • Minimum Stake/Bet: Ksh.1
  • Welcome Bonuses: Yes
  • Jackpots: Yes
  • Live Betting: Yes
  • Virtual Sports: Yes
  • Withdrawal: MPESA/ Airtel
  • Max Withdrawal Per Transaction: Ksh. 300,000
  • Max Daily Transaction: Ksh. 150,000

MelBet is a relatively new betting site in Kenya, but the bookie is already one of the most used betting sites in Kenya.

It is highly popular in the Kenyan audience that features amazing welcome bonuses, with an incredible 200% sign-up bonus. The site comes with a highly active sportsbook with attractive betting features.

The betting site uses a highly attractive betting site with is easy to navigate. It is highly organized with all features highlighted on the menu. The background is subtly backed with attractive symbols for a friendly user experience.

Is MelBet Legal in Kenya?

Just like all betting sites in Kenya, MelBet complies with the current tax laws in Kenya. Also, MelBet charges a 7.5% on your stake and another 20% withholding tax on all your potential winnings. After placing your bet, you can clearly see the tax, deductions and implications on your bet slip.

What bonuses does MelBet offer?

When signing up to MelBet, you will get rewarded with a welcome bonus worth 200% on your first deposit. However, the bonuses are subject to terms and conditions. The minimum deposit required to activate your welcome bonus is Ksh. 200.

What sports does MelBet provide?

MelBet holds one of the biggest sportsbook in Kenya. The sportsbook covers over 30 sports include football, rugby, basketball, tennis, cricket, ice hockey and handball among many more.

How to Start Betting In Kenya

Is this your first time trying online sports betting in Kenya? Don’t worry. We will walk you through the general procedure.

While the specifics will vary depending on the betting site you settle for, you must go through the following steps once you get started to ensure you get the very best from your new betting account.

ProTip: MPESA is the most common deposit and withdrawal method in all popular online betting sites. Having an MPESA account will make things very easy for you

How to start betting on a new account

  1. Go through the entire signup procedure
  2. Make your very first deposit
  3. Claim your welcome bonus (be sure to go through the bonus terms and conditions)
  4. Start placing bets

If you don’t know what sports betting website to open an account with, you can start out with the top options in Kenya.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Betting Sites in Kenya

The web is full of betting sites each clamoring for your attention. Singling out the very best for your needs can be overwhelming.

While we do our very best to filter through all the marketing gimmicks and present you with a list of the most reliable betting websites in Kenya, it would be best if you did further considerations before making the final decision. Some of the most important things you should consider include:

  1. User friendliness
  2. Available sports
  3. Welcome promotions and bonuses
  4. Deposit and withdrawl mehtods
  5. Accepted currencies (platforms accepting Kenya shillings are easier to use)
  6. Betting odds
  7. Betting markets
  8. USSD betting and mobile experience
  9. Customer support
  10. A good history with the Kenyan sports betting and gambling regulator

Yes, not betting website is 100% perfect. All will have pros and cons. It’s all about weighing your victories and even having betting accounts on different platforms for different occasions.

Most Popular Sports to Bet On In Kenya

While you can bet on virtually any sport from Kenya, football is the most common sport and receives the highest number of wagers per week.

The best sports bookie should give you access to at least 20 sports apart from football to help you shake things up. Moreover, you should have access to over 100 football leagues and competitions to widen your betting scope.

Best Football Betting Sites in Kenya

In the Kenyan market, football takes the hugest slot for most followed sports in the country. Furthermore, most betting sites offer a wide range of betting markets and odds for football matches. It ranks as the most popular among the Kenyan betting audience.

The English Premier League stands as the most followed league in the country. However, there are other football leagues available with better odds. This includes La Liga, Championship, Serie A, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Ukrainian Premier League, Primeira Liga among many more.

Furthermore, there are other options apart from football to place your stakes and bets on. This includes basketball, rugby, basketball, athletics among many more.

When choosing your preferred betting site, it is important to consider their cashout options. Always opt for a betting site with fast deposits and withdrawals. Also, it should charge considerable transaction costs.

Also, it should offer a wide variety of bonuses to new players and existing players at the betting site. For example, most betting sites offer generous welcome bonuses to first time players after signing up at their site.

The betting site should be highly interactive with their clients. Therefore, it should cater for the different tastes and preferences of punters. This is through their selection of different markets apart from sportsbooks only.

If you are searching for the best betting site in Kenya with the best cashouts and bet based bonuses, we highly recommend trying out Sportybet.

However, if you are searching for a betting site that offers variety in betting markets, 22Bet is your best shot.

Best Rugby Betting Sites in Kenya

After football, rugby ranks as the second-most popular sport in Kenya. The rugby market in Kenya comes with highly generous odds to explore. There are over 106 leagues in rugby captured in various betting sites.

Furthermore, most betting sites offer generous welcome bonuses to explore the rugby markets in Kenya.

Even though it remains a growing trend, the rugby scene is full of odds and markets that many Kenyans are yet to explore.

If you are into rugby, you will be at home with 22Bet’s game variety and the simple resilience of Sportybet.

Best Basketball Betting Sites in Kenya

Kenyan punters are starting to fully explore basketball betting. This is particularly with the rising popularity of NBA.

Basketball is surprisingly popular across the top betting sites in Kenya. You really don’t have to choose. Go with one of our top 5 recommendations.

There are many basketball betting sites available in Kenya. This allows the Kenyan audience to bet in the NBA and many other related tournaments such as the Euro League and the FIBA World Cup and Olympics.

Also, the local basketball market is available for punters to place their stakes and bets on. This includes the highly exciting AfroBasket league. Punters can bet on points scored, field goals and three-pointers.

Best Virtual Sports Betting Sites in Kenya

Want to try out a completely new experience apart from football betting? What about trying virtual sports? Then Sportybet and Bet22 is the place to be.

Virtual sports is getting a high reputation and popularity in the Kenyan market. It provides a better alternative especially during off-season and international breaks on the regular football season.

Virtual sports are not real sports. They represent virtually simulated games. Virtual sports are available in a wide range of games from football, rugby, basketball and tennis among many more.

The best betting sites that offer highly interactive virtual sports betting include Sportybey and 22Bet. Furthermore, you can play out the games throughout the day.

Best Betting Sites in Kenya With Welcome Bonuses and Free Bets

A welcome bonus refers to a form of reward by the bookmaker to the player upon signing up to their site. Also, free bets are free plays to place stakes and bets on different games at the betting site. Sportybet, 22bet, Melbet and Betway have some very attractive bonuses for new and existing betors.

It is highly recommended to take the full potential of welcome bonuses and free bets offered by a betting site.

The general consensus around using welcome bonuses and free bets is to get a percentage in case of winnings of their first deposit.

However, not all welcome bonuses are good for you to claim. Most betting sites offer terms and conditions to claim these bonuses. The terms and conditions explain the wagering requirements after winning using these bonuses.

Therefore, it is important to read the terms and conditions first. Ensure the welcome bonus comes with fair and reasonable wagering requirements.

What are the betting sites with the highest betting odds in Kenya

Before joining a betting site in Kenya, it is important to check out their betting odds first. Odds play an important role in determining your overall betting experience.

22Bet has some of the most amazing boosted odds in the Kenyan market right now.

Furthermore, it determines the amount of money you get to walk away with after making a win at the betting site.

Most betting sites offer close betting odds from one betting site to another in Kenya. However, there are small differences from one site to another.

The best betting site in Kenya offers highly attractive super odds on a consistent basis. Also, it ensures a player get the maximum value of their money in case of a win. 22Bet offers the best and consistent odds in Kenya.

How much tax do you pay on sports betting in Kenya?

There are several gambling regulations in terms of tax for sports betting in Kenya. First, the betting site pay a gross turnover less the amount paid out to customer in terms of winnings. The game revenue remains capped at a rate of 15%.

The Tax Laws Act reintroduced WHT on winnings at the rate of 20%. KRA is the governing body in charge of compliance with the tax regulations.

Best live betting sites in Kenya

Live betting is the latest innovation from the online betting scene. You will find them in the top five betting sites we’ve recommended for Kenya. You can’t go wrong with Sportybet or 22Bet here.

The latest live betting feature allows punters to bet on various sporting events while the matches go on.

Most betting sites in Kenya allow the live betting feature. For example, you can place a bet on who will score next in an English Premier League match while it’s going on. Also, place a wager on the player with the most points in an ongoing basketball match.

The best online betting sites in Kenya will live betting cover a wide range of sports from football, basketball, tennis, rugby, golf among many more.

Best betting sites with cashout options in Kenya

Cashout is the freedom to sell your bet before one or more games on your bet slip are over. While the sports betting site has control over what time you can cash out, they still give you the freedom to cut your losses or choose to keep the profits you’ve made so far.

Sportybet is the best platform if you are interested in cashing out. They even have an auto cash out option that lets you sell your bet and cash out once the bet value gets to a specific value.

Best ways to deposit money to a sports betting site in Kenya

The best way to deposit money at a betting site Kenya is through popular payment options including MPESA and Airtel Money.

One of the most essential parts of your overall betting experience starts with depositing funds into your playing account.

Therefore, you need to make hassle-free deposit options without any complications when placing bets and stakes.

M-Pesa is the most available option to deposit money at an online betting site. Start by transferring funds from your M-Pesa account to your betting account through a paybill number shared by the betting site. Furthermore, you can also make withdrawals straight from your betting account to your M-Pesa account.

Cover any remaining questions in the section I highlighted in yellow talking of this article will cover:

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