Chasing after bet loses is old fashioned. Tying yourself to one bet type that your friend taught you is not also advisable. There are good things out there, but you cannot meet them unless you open the shatters. Discussing losing bet is irritating. There many bet types that give you options. Patent bet is one such bet option. How does patent bet work?

What is a Patent Bet?

Patent bet is a multiple bet comprising of seven bets made on three different selections. It can also be described as a wager on three distinct selections that are taking part in seven other events. The patent bet covers all the possible outcomes and assures returns even when only one event wins. The selections in patent bet include 3 single bets; 3 double bets, and 1 treble, which totals to seven.

Some people confuse patent bet with Trixie bet; the two bet types differ by far. There is no single bet in Trixie bet; instead, it has 3 doubles and 1 treble. Patent bet is commonly used in horse racing games. It is popular among all the other games across the sports world. The game is becoming more popular among gamblers because you only need one selection to win and record profits.

How Patent Bets Work

Patent bet features seven selections in the order of 3 singles, 3 doubles, and 1 treble. When you place a bet, you will be placing seven bets in three selections. If your bet amount is $1, your patent bet will cost a total of $7. That $1 will apply to all the seven bets. The amount of money to expect from Patent will depend on the winning selections and the odds of the concerned. Since the bet has a single bet, one selection must give results.

However, the returns for a single bet will be lower than the initial bet amount. A more elaborate way to explain how patent bets works will be as follows: Assume you have 3 horses named A, B, and C. If these three horses are in a race, a patent bet place on them will look like this;

  • Bet 1. A to win – single bet

Bet 2.

  • B to win – single bet

Bet 3.

  • C to win – single bet

Bet 4.

  • A and B win – double bet

Bet 5.

  • B and C win – double bet.

Bet 6.

  • A and C win – double bet
  • Bet 7. A, B and C to win – treble

As seen above, all the possible outcomes are covered, so you are guaranteed to go home with some coins. Winning a single bet is a bit discouraging because the amount involved will be lesser than the initial stake. When you win two selections, there will be a good profit margin, so then you will make returns. In case you are fortunate and win all the three choices, you will go home with healthy profits. Treble usually come with impressive returns, unlike single and double bets.

Patent Bet Calculator

Imagine working out the revenues for seven different bets. You might enjoy the exercise for the first three single bets, but when it comes to making the double bets, you will either ask for help or drop the task. If you were not friendly to mathematics, it becomes a total headache. But why stress yourself when there is an automated patent bet calculator just for the job.

You only need to put the prices of the three selections and your bet amount; then, the possible winners will be displayed on the screen. Patent bet calculator may also vary depending on the bookmaker that you are using. However, do not worry about those differences. All patent bet calculators will conform to similar features.

Patent Bet in Football

Patent betting is popular across all the sports. This popularity is attributed to the easiness of winning bets. In patent betting, only one selection is enough to give returns. That is why patent betting has become popular in soccer. Keeping in mind that soccer attracts the largest number of gamblers in the world, assurance to win is in great demand.

Any opportunity that can give that confidence is grabbed immediately. That is how Patent bet found its way to football. Although winning singles bets can be discouraging, you need to understand that the returns are guaranteed. Patent bet is worth to play.

Patent Bet in Horse Racing

Patent betting is commonly done in horse racing. The game is interesting to watch and profitable to bet. Every selection represents a horse. In Patent bet, there are three horses where gamblers are required to place seven different bets with the three horses. Horse racing is one of the best ancient games which is still prominent today.

Is it Possible to do an Each Way Patent?

Yes, it is possible. Each way, Patent will have fourteen bets; seven on the win and the other seven will be placed. Each way, Patent can help increases the chances of making huge profits.

In summary, patent bet work by fully covering of possibilities of an event. If, for instance, we use horse racing, all the possible outcomes are covered, so there is no possibility of the total loss.

In patent betting, three selections are happening in seven different bets as follows; 3 singles bets, 3 double bets, and 1 treble. When you place a bet, the stake will apply in all the seven bets. The minimum amounts that you can bet with vary depending on the bookmaker that you are using.

Some bookmakers can allow as low as $2, but most of them would prefer a higher figure. It is advisable to check the minimum cost of a single bet from the bookmaker that you are using before placing a bet.

Although patent bet guarantees return in at least one selection, most gamblers think that winning one selection is a loss. However, this may not be true because, with patent bet, the stake is always insured. It is, therefore, worth betting.

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