A gamblers mind wanders from morning to evening looking for better ways to place winning bets. Matched betting is a better way to secure your capital when placing bets on the market. It re-defines the possibility of making more money. Whether you are for fun or to make ends meet, a majority of gamblers will tell you that they are playing to earn an extra income.

With improved technology, everybody is running online. One way of getting your wallet heavy is by playing matched betting. It is crazy; people have discovered an avenue for free cash. The method is as easy to use for a lactating mother as it is for a busy person with limited time. Here is a brief guide on matched betting and how it works. Read on to find out more.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a betting technique that involves taking advantage of free bets and other promotional odds offered by bookmakers to make impressive profits. Matched betting is frequently regarded as a risk-free technique since it operates based on mathematical equation rather than chances.

Matched betting can also be described as no-risk betting or bonus hunting. Every new active account is awarded a free bet while existing users are given promotional odds. Most people believe that there are limited or no free bets. However, the no-free matched technique can ensure that there is a continuous flow of free bets.

Matched betting free bets are given in two forms; sign up offers and reload offers.

Sign-Up Offers

As the name suggests, sign up offers are offered to clients for registering new accounts. The value of the offer varies from one company to another, but the driving reason for giving them is to encourage more people to create accounts. Sign up offer can make you earn significant profits. What happens if you utilized your sign up offer and you are here with an active account? Don’t worry; bookmakers have you in mind.

Reload Offer

These are promotional free bets for existing customers. Betters have an opportunity to take advantage of these free bets to make potential wins. In summary, matched betting takes advantage of bookmarks to make their profits.

How Does Matched Betting Work

Matched betting works by employing lay bets and back bets. So what are these lay bets and back bets? A back bet is a traditional technique of picking an item and saying that it will win. There is no particular sequence followed. If the selection is correct, then your bet wins, and you get your profit.

On the other hand, a lay bet is the opposite of a back bet. It is like saying I think this team will not win. For instance, if you were to bet for team X, with the back bet, you will say X to win. However, with the lay bet, you will say X not to win. That means one of the options must win, and the other one must lose. This basically is what match betting is all about.

Laying and backing are done against one result, which helps to remove any possible risk. All the outcomes are covered and therefore, no chance to lose your bet. Before you earn your free bet, you will be required to deposit and make your first bet. This bet is called a qualifying bet. It helps you to qualify for the free bet.

When you receive your free bet, you can assure yourself profit by using the same method – back and lay bet. This technique reduces the risks of loss to zero, and when you do everything right, you can be assured of winning free bets daily. It is also vital to understand lay commission and liability. Lay commission is the small percentage of winning that is deducted by bookmaker while liability is the possible amount you can lose in a single lay bet.

How Do I Get Started with Lay Bet?

Matched betting is perceived to be very tricky, especially if you are to make significant profits. But is there any truth in this statement? It is an excellent choice for a college student who is looking for possible ways to pocket an extra income. Put that aside, imagine if stay- at – home mums who have no time for jobs can make weird returns, who are you to be scared? It is time for you to wake up and get started. The process is simple.

Let’s assume XY bookmark.com is a real company and has promised you $10 free bet if you deposit $10. Now follow the following steps to get yourself in and claim your free bet.

Step1. Sign up (XY bookmark.com) and deposit $10 into your account. Once you are in the account, find oddsmatcher to determine what is suitable for you to bet. You do not need any prior betting knowledge to be able to perform this task. In the oddsmatcher you only choose the bookmaker and the minimum amount you want to stake.

Step 2. Let’s assume the oddsmatcher says Arsenal to beat Liverpool. Now place your bet worth $10 for Arsenal wins. This is called back bet. Then go to betfair exchange and bet Arsenal not to win. This is called a lay bet. In these two bets, one must win, and others must lose. In case of a draw, the lay bet wins it. But something is missing. We have not added the lay bet amount.

How to Determine Lay Bet Amount

The lay betting calculator can easily determine the lay bet amount. You add the information that you have and the calculator will determine the stake. This information includes: the initial stake ($10) lay odds, back odd, and lay commission. The calculator will then give the exact value of the lay bet amount.

Qualifying Loss

It refers to the smallest amount of money lost to unlock free bet. This value is given by the difference between the back bet amount and the lay bet amount. The value is lost at the expense of winning one part of the bet.

Now Sign-Up for a Free Beginner Course

Once you are done with back bet, lay bet, and how to calculate your profits, you are now ready to sign up for a free beginner course. Here you will learn all the basics and real offers. You will walk away with up to $40 as profits. You also have the advantage of learning everything on oddsmaster and other advanced offers.

The Actual Course and the Guide

This step involves actual learning, taking practical exercises, and signing up to bookmarks. It also takes advantage of their offers.

Completing Sign-Up Offers

Once you complete the sign-up offers, you are ready to grab the reload offers. At this stage, you should be more consistent with your wins. These offers improve your odds of winning continuously with reload offers.

Is Matched Betting Illegal or Legit?

Very many people have made a fantastic amount of money through matched betting. Nonetheless, the matched betting technique remained hidden for several years courtesy of a few gamblers who wanted to benefit from the technique. However, this statement does not render it illegal. This practice is entirely legal, and international regulations for gambling back it up.

Can you Make a Living From Matched Betting?

This subject is quite interesting. Countless people in the UK, USA, and beyond have made great fortunes out of matched betting. The good thing here is that you are not stressing yourself to look for money to place a bet. You simply utilize the company free bets to make profits when you win. In fact, when you are very careful and adopt all the recommended techniques, you will enjoy consistent winning. Many people who are looking for financial freedom have ended up meeting great success here. Try it out and make your story.

How Easy is Matched Betting

It can seem complicated for beginners, but it is very straightforward. You cannot wrap everything around your head with ease in a few hours. However, when you commit to learning for two or three days, you can significantly improve your game. You will understand more advanced techniques will bit by bit as time goes. If you have all the basics, you are no lesser than a matched betting expert. Some people can make a profit on their first or second day on the platform.

How Much Money Do You Need for Matched Betting?

Matched betting is useful to those who can invest in completing multiple offers. Majority of people invest between $100 and $200. However, $80 is the lowest amount that is accepted in matched betting. With this budget, you can utilize one or two offers in a day. With consistency, this can reap thousands of dollars in less than one year. Furthermore, the amount of stake that you start with does not matter. The most important thing is how you will manage your bets.

What are the Risks Involved in Matched Betting?

Matched betting has very minimal risk. The game is legal and therefore abides by all the gaming regulations set by the relevant authority. However, it is essential to remember the following things:

  • Be careful when typing your stake amount. Use the values given by the calculator.
  • Occasional mistakes happen although they may not cause significant loss, it is advisable to keep checking so that you can correct any error.
  • In case you are found abusing bonuses, bookmakers can remove all the available free bets and promotions from your account. Make sure you avoid such behaviors.

Do You Need Prior Knowledge in Sporting or Betting?

You do not need any prior knowledge of betting. If you find it hard to do it on your own, you join an online community with people of similar interest as yours. Some people made profits in their early days and had no prior betting knowledge.

How Much Can You Make From Matched Betting?

Average matched bettors earn a monthly income of up to £500. However, those with advanced knowledge and skills rake in £1000 and above every month. There is no magic bullet or a one fit all solution to become better at matched betting. You have to put in the hours, stay committed and focused, eventually; your hard work will pay off handsomely in the form of higher monthly income.

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