When I think of losing cash to leading betting sites, I almost give up on betting. But the allure of a big break draws me to my bookmarker every time I see an opportunity that I believe. Does this sound familiar? If yes, do you stop after the first win? I bet not. Instead, you keep adding to your capital after every loss that you incur. A wise selection of the bet type before staking improves your odds of winning. Each way bet can improve your chances of winning by far. It also has options for risk management. Use each way bet to guarantee good returns when you win.

Each way bet consists of two separate bets: a place bet and a winning bet. For the win bet to bring returns, the selection in question must win or finish first. Similarly, for the place option to yield results, the choice must either win or occur in the positions predetermined like 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, depending on the predetermined numbers.

Odds given to the place option are usually fractions of the win. The fraction will also depend on the number of predetermined cases of the event. In each way bet, two bets of an equal amount are placed. We shall use a horse for the purpose of this article. The first part is for a horse to win. If the horse finishes first, then your bet wins. The second part involves the horse to place. This statement means if a horse comes out number one, two, or three, the bet wins.

How Does Each Way Bet Works?

Each way bet is a two-way game. You bet in two different ways with separate but equal stakes. If the horse emerges position one, the correct bet wins it. That means the gambler will also win the place selection. In case the horse does not emerge number one but appears in the top three categories, the gamer only wins the place selection.

Placing a Bet with Each Bet

Making Each Bet is easy. If you have your stake, then you are ready to win. Before you proceed to make a bet, it is essential to understand three things.

Betting Odds

They are usually shown on the right side of each horse.

Each Way Fraction

It is usually shown on the topmost part of the horse, denoted as (EW1/5). EW in betting represents a fraction odd for the place selection. It is assumed that the chances of the horse finishing top three are high, and therefore the odd is given as a fraction. The fraction is mostly given as 1/5 or 1/4.

The Number of Places

This number reflects the number of position which the horse should finish for the selection to win. The number is also given on the top right as 1-2-3. For this selection to win, the horse must finish in one of the top three positions. This number could vary depending on the number of participants in the race. Races with many runners will have a wide range of numbers.

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How to Place an Each Way Bet

Before you make your bet, it is essential to remember that you are placing two bets. Your budget stake must meet the minimum level for two bets. Each way bet works in different bookmarks, including popular sites like bet way, paddy power, among others. Depending on the site that you use, making a bet involves a few clicks of a button. The general steps which make up the whole process are as follows:

  • Log into the site that you are using, e.g., 1xBet, William Hill or Betway.
  • Once you are on the platform, check the homepage of the site, and select the category of the game you want to play.
  • Select market, race, or fixture that you want to play if you have a variety of your choice.
  • Click the odd if you find the bet that you want.
  • The selected bed will take you to the bet slip
  • Choose the amount that you want to place on the screen. Remember, this is your stake, and with each-way bet, it will apply twice because you are placing two bets.
  • Your bet now is still normal. If you want to convert it to Each Way bet, click on the E/W button. This will automatically change your bet from normal to Each Way bet.
  • You are now ready to place your bed. Click place bet to finish the process.

This process can partially vary depending on the site that you use. However, a majority of sites will use these steps highlighted above. The sequence of the steps may differ since different users prefer different platforms.

How to Calculate Winnings in Each Way Bets

If you like Each Way bet, you need to know how to calculate winning possibilities. This stage is very crucial in any gambling platform since it aids in risk management. With each-way bet, the risk is limited. Every time you make an each-way bet, you will have two bets running simultaneously.

Back to our initial illustration using the horse; if the horse wins the race, both the win and place selections win. Your win amount is calculated by summing up the winnings of the two individual bets. If the horse does not win the race but comes top three, the first bet loses, but the place wins. The win amount is calculated by multiplying each way fraction to the original odd. In an event the horse loses and does not come out top three, the entire bet loses.

If it is your first time in each way bet or you are not used to a lot of calculations, you still have much to benefit. There is a developed each way betting calculator which can easily integrate betting odds, each way fraction and number of places with your results, and display your winning. With Each Way bet, everything is simplified, and the risk is minimized. Get serious and discover your fortunes.

How Does Each Way Bet Pay?

If you need guaranteed revenues in betting, this is the right place for you. In the two bets that you place, be sure at least one will yield results. More surprisingly, if the win selection wins, all the selections win. Therefore you do not have to depend on the winning selection for you to make revenue.

When you consider the risk factor, you have every reason to smile. Each bet fraction and place numbers contribute to effective risk management. Whether the horse will come out number one or not, you are almost sure that you will go home with something in your pocket. Most people consider each-way bet to be having the most significant risk management technique compared to its equals. It gives a wide range of winning choices to gamblers and pay impressively well.

When Should You Bet with Each Way?

Each way is the opinion game in the horse racing world. Some people perceive it as a comfort blanket where you can relieve stress and have fun. On the other hand, some say each way is a game of fools. Depending on the side that you take, you can choose to play each way to have fun or get out of stress. If the fools decide to prove it, they can also take time to do the horsing.

Advantages of Each Way Bet

You do not need rocket science to understand the strength of each way. They are everywhere in the text. Some remarkable advantages include:

Very Low Chances of Losing Bets

The chances of the horse coming out number one are lower. However, the possibility of it coming out top three is a bit certain. That means you can make bets with more confidence.

Easy to Predict

Place numbers and each way fraction enable the gambler to predict with less pressure. Place numbers also increase with an increase in the number of participants. This guarantee wins even when the number of participants increases.


The risk management techniques used in each way bet assure profits to gamblers. You may not go home with a total win, but at least the place selection can make you smile.

Disadvantages of Each Way Bets

Not everything is working out with each way bet since the bet type is not perfect. There are few standing limitations which are yet to be addressed. A quick scan of the drawback will give you the following:

  • Your stake in each way bet is always a double. This might risk money which was not budged for betting. Before you make a bet, ensure that you are sure of the amount to use.
  • When you apply each way fraction to the odd, the resultant odd becomes very low. This translates to a low possible win value. Most gamblers will perceive this as a drawback.

Accumulator Betting in Each Way

It is possible to place multiple bets and yield an amazing winning amount. Surprisingly, every game in the multiple will gain two more multiples. The resultant possible win will be very high. It is also important to note game Each Way bet is provided by very many sites, including leading betting companies. This type of bet also works in other sports like football, golf, among other sports.

Age Limitation

You must be 18 years old or over to use this site. Please bet responsibly.

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