Winning in sports betting is becoming increasingly challenging. No team, no player or referee to trust. Things can change in matters of second and boom all your money is lost. Sometimes, the referee can make a poor judgment, or the last-minute rush can confuse the goalkeeper and the outcome changes.

Then what can we do to guarantee the safety of your money? Do not run away; good returns are in store for you. Try the Draw no bet, and you will be happy. You are not guaranteed 100% win, but at least you are assured that your stake is safe.

What is Draw no Bet

Draw no bet is a new and popular market in leading betting companies. Basically, this technique involves removing the draw option in the game to remain with the home win or away win. If you bet home win, and the home team wins, you win the bet. If the two teams record equal results – draw in that case, your full stake will be refunded. However, if the away team wins the match, you lose the bet.

General Draw no bet market provides only two options to bettors, and that is home win or away win. The removal of draw options consequently results in the lowering of odds. Draw no bet market has surprisingly, lower odds relative to the win-draw and lose options.

Here the betting providers use a very simple technique; they ensure your stake and reduce the odds. Chances of winning are very high, but resultant odd are very low. You, therefore, earn very little as revenue.

What Does Draw no Bet Mean?

Draw no bet is becoming very popular because of its security aspect. This is a summary of the whole story. Imagine today, Barcelona is playing against Manchester City.

You have your stake, and your decision is Barcelona to win the game. However, you know that Manchester City is tough so the game might end up Draw. When you bet for Barcelona, you have two options that can put you out, draw or away win. To secure your stake you say if Barcelona wins, my bet wins.

If they come out Draw, I get back my stake. So at this point, the probability to lose the bet is 1/3. This example sums up the whole idea of Draw no bet. Betting for only two options; home or away

How to Bet in Draw no Bet

Betting in this market is very easy. Like any other market, when you log in to your betting site, and you decide to bet for, say, Barcelona vs Juventus, the odds of the game may be given as 1×2: 1.72, 3.16, 4.74.

Proceed and open the Draw no bet market. Most companies have this option near the bottom part of other markets. It may, however, differ depending on the betting site that you are using.

The odds for a draw no bet will display as follows: Barcelona win: 1.24, Juventus win; 4.20. If you place draw no bet here, in favor of Barcelona, then the potential winner will be 1.24 x total stake. This will award you a profit of 0.24x total stake.

Draw no Bet Accumulator

It is possible to place multiple Draw no bet in a single bet slip. In fact, this is the best way to raise your odds. Most gamblers prefer combining several games and make a multiple bet. Sometimes, this method is dangerous since accumulating bets widen the range of risk. However, careful selection of games can yield good results.

Draw no Bet Calculator

There are a lot of calculations involved in Draw no bet. Determining draw no bet odds is mostly done through calculation. The procedure is easy. You need to combine the odds given in the 1×2 markets and come up with the true Draw no bet odds. You achieve this by spreading your stake with either, a home win and draw, or away win and draw. The manual conversion series of 1×2 odds to draw no bet odds is as follows;

  • Home draw no bet odds =(1-(1/1x2draw odds))*1x2home odds.
  • Away draw no bet odd = ( 1-(1/1x2draw odds))*1x2away odds.

It is also possible to calculate the draw bet stakes and profits. All these processes utilize mathematical equations to complete the calculations. If you find it hard to catch up, you can use draw no bet calculator to simplify the job for you. Draw no bet calculator will give you the same values as those given in the market.

Draw no Bet Strategy

Most betting sites use this strategy to attract move bettors. It is a play with-your-mind game where the game provider eliminates one option and reduces the odds for the most probable outcome. If you win a single draw no bet, the profit will be meager, unless you increase your stake.

However, you need to remember that the bookmaker has eliminated one option and insured your stake. So the low profit you make is still worth your time. If you go by one of the three options; win, draw or lose, you stand a 1:3, win: lose, chance. The provider has now helped you increase it to 2/3. In essence, you have nothing to regret.

Some people say that there is no difference between Draw no bet and double chance. This statement is contradictory because the odds offered by the double chance market are much lower than with the Draw no bet option. However, as it is, there is no standing difference between Draw no bet and double chance.

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