Sportpesa Megajackpot Bonus 2019: Games, Payouts, Winners

The mega jackpot is any punters envy, considering the life-changing pay-out. Many bettors are usually analyzing, studying and predicting outcomes hoping to land 17 correct predictions. Those who are not lucky enough to land the accurate 17 predictions are however not left empty-handed. Sportpesa has a bonus system that ensures that those who make 12 correct predictions going upwards get something. The bonus system is an added incentive where the rewards tend to outweigh the risk considering a little ksh100 can guarantee more than hundredfold payouts.

The mega jackpot is arguably the most significant payout in Sportpesa’s books; however, equally, shared amongst winners. While the probability of landing the prize is usually statistically slim, there are numerous many success stories of those who defied the odds. Two individuals have previously successfully achieved this fete becoming instant multimillionaires from a modest investment of Ksh 100 and individually winning it.  Several winners have made headlines with their luck.

Recent Sportpesa Megajackpot Winners

Samuel Abisai (221.3 million)

He is the first ever mega jackpot winner in the country, securing a 221,301,602 payout in 2017. The 28-year-old University of Nairobi graduate, fluent in Chinese, enjoyed massive media coverage and arguably the first person to demystify the unwinnable mega jackpot myth. He is the classic rags to riches story of an educated youth (his father reportedly educated him through selling ropes in Kakamega) who lady luck shines on. Abisai confessed to trying several times before eventually succeeded.

Gordon Ogada (230.7 million)

Gordon Ogada is arguably the luckiest man in Kenya’s sports betting history. Gordon’s luck almost ran out when one of one game, (eleventh on the list)being postponed(Troy vs Dijon). If the result had gone contrary to his prediction, he would have just secured a bonus. His seventeen predictions coincided with the game outcome securing him the ultimate prize Ksh 230,742,881.

Cosmas Korir (208.7 million)

The sportpesa CEO departed from tradition and made a Facebook live recording of his call to Cosmus with the Words “Your life has just changed.” The West Pokot county government employee life did change after his 17 predictions handed him 208,733,619 million mega-jackpot payouts. The forty-year-old, unsuccessful Member of Parliament aspirants perhaps is unique given the approach he took in winning the jackpot. The Director of Agriculture department in West Pokot County would intimate his cooperative betting with two friends whom each predicted five games while he did the same for remaining seven games to place in the mega-bet jackpot.

Since Abisai’s win, there have been four mega jackpot winnings shared collectively. Three lucky winners shared 115 million just a month after Samuel Abisai won the elusive mega jackpot.

Sportpesa Megajackpot Bonus Winners

There are several bonus winners worthy of honorable mention. They come from various professions, circumstances and gender perhaps an indication that anyone can get a piece of the pie.

Ahmed Ali (41 million)

24-year-old Ahmed Ali won Sh41 Million after predicting 16 out of 17 matches.

In March 2017, a 23-year-old student and mother of two, Quintet Nimo Chemei from Mt Elgon, won Sh31 Million Mega jackpot alongside Julius Kerich from Kericho, after correctly predicting 16 out of 17 matches.

Peter Byeygon (36 million)

In December 2016, Hotel Worker Peter Byeyon from Nairobi won Ksh36 Million jackpot bonus after correctly predicting 16 out of 17 matches.

Geoffrey Kipng’etich (12.6 million)

32-year-old Boda Boda rider Geoffrey Kipng’etich from Nakuru County got Sh12.6 Million from SportPesa in the same month.

George Mwangi (29.5 million)

In September 2015, 50-year-old George Mwangi from Nairobi won Sh29.5million.

The former banker and ex-footballer with Umeme and Barclays FC in the 80s won after correctly predicting 13 jackpot games.

Mr Kaguri (23 million)

Mr Kaguri who sells tree seedlings won 23 million in July 2016. The 32-year-old confessed using 100.

Unlike mega jackpot winners whose names are in the public domain, most bonus winners especially the lower tier (12-13) correct predictions seldom get the spotlight. Chances are your fellow bettor may have just got a big payday without you knowing. There is also the question of privacy of winners and the bookmaker policy when it comes to revealing the identity of winners. Not every winner is comfortable with the attention that comes with the winnings.


An example of how Mega jackpot works can be seen in 2017 when Abisai won the jackpot these are the result as of that time and the earnings the bettors made.


17 correct predictions payout  Sh221,301,602 ,16 correct predictions won Sh41,152,246 (each bettor) 15 correct predictions payout was Sh407,727 (each) 14 correct predictions won Sh51,218 (each) 13 correct predictions won Sh10,507 (each) 12 correct predictions won Sh2,995 (each)




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