Spanish La Liga predictions for matchday 12

When it is nearing the weekend, we leave all our worries away and know its football action. For football fans, La Liga action is hereby knocking for matchday 12. This week’s La Liga fixtures are coming amid last week’s losses and winnings for different teams. For losers, they will be looking at turning the tables around and at least score big to wipe away last week’s beating while the winners are looking for an opportunity to extend their winning streak. For football fanatics, this weekend’s action will provide them with an enticing opportunity to make the right La Liga predictions and win big.

This season has been proven a bit different as compared with the previous seasons which were ideally dominated by a few teams. This year there are other underdogs who are proving to be a threat to the big fish in the Spanish primera division. In this regard, it is therefore crucial for bettors to have a clear understanding of how various teams have been doing so fare in order for them to make the right La Liga predictions. Just continue reading onas as we give you a team by team analysis and score predictions to help you make an informed decision in your Spanish league predictions this coming weekend.

  1. Levante vs. Real Sociedad

As we gear towards the weekend, on Friday the 9th of November, Levante will open the La Liga Matchday 12 action as they host Real Sociedad. The two teams are separated by four points apart as Levante holds number seven while Real Sociedad sit at number 13 in the La Liga table standings. Levante in their last six la liga action this season they stand unbeaten, with four wins and two draws. On the other hand Real Sociedad is not doing impressively. In their last La liga action this season, they have won once, drawn thrice and lost twice. This puts them in bad shape in this fixture as compared to the better-formed Levante. Howwever, as a wounded animal, Real Sociedad are not going to make the game easier for Levante. They are going to fight to their last breathe as they try to force even a draw if not a win.

Score Prediction: 2-0

  1. Real Valladolid vs. Eibar

Real Valladolid is a better team in the current season. Despite a few losses, they seem to be doing relatively well. At number 9 in table standings, the team has an agility to score at any time. In their last six matches, they have had the privilege of winning four games, conceding one and drawn once. On their other hand, their weekend fixture opponents, Eibar have got a shaky performance so far. If their last six games is something to go by; three losses, two wins and one draw is something wanting. As they travel to Real Valladolid’s side, they know their chances against them are limited and hence they will have to put in an extra effort to avoid being shamed. By the look of things, despite last week’s Eibar win against Alaves and Real Valladolid’s loss to Real Madrid, the odds favour Real Vallodolid in their Spain league fixture.

  1. Getafe vs. Valencia

This game seems to be tricky but both teams g=have equal chances. Despite the fact that Getafe seems to be doing relatively well as compared to Valencia, there are reservations pertaining their home matches. For instance, in their last six matches, they have won thrice, drawn twice and lost once. The loss was from a home match against Levante. On the other hand, Valencia despite the fact that they have dropped more points as compared with Getafe in the same number of matches (W2, D3, and l1), it seems they have not conceded a match at their home ground. All their away fixtures have ended with either a draw or a win. This puts them in a favorable position to force a draw against Getafe.

Score Prediction: 1-1

  1. Atletico Madrid vs. Athletic Bilbao

At number four, in the Spanish league table standings, Atletico Madrid seems to be geared up for yet another win. Thei performance is very impressive despite a loss or a draw once a while. They stand just 4 points from number one in table ratings. On the contrary, their opponent is just a point away from the relegation line at number seventeen. Their position and what has put them there is their quack performance. For instance, in their last six la liga action, out of eighteen points, they have only collected four while conceded 14 points. This weekend’s action does not seem different as they are geared up for another loss.  The Atletico Madrid side feels rejuvenated after they beat Borrussia Dortmond 2-0 in the Champions’ League group A on Tuesday.

Score Prediction: 1-0

  1. Girona vs Leganes

This is another difficult fixture to deal with. Both teams’ unpredictability is mind-boggling. Nevertheless, both teams have equal chances of playing it two a draw and walking with a point each. It has been a while since Leganes tested a real win. Maybe they will try to do so against Girona. However by doing so they will just end with a draw which is really good for the relegation bound team who occupy position 18 in the table rankings while they opponents are comfortably seated at position 10.

Score Prediction: 1-1

  1. Alaves vs. SD Huesca

Definitely this is a win for Alaves. The probability of the last team in the Spain primera division table rankings is nearly zero.  This season has been very frustrating for SD Huesca having accrued on 6 points out of a possible 33 from their last eleven matches. The frustration doesn’t seem to end over this Sunday as they will be welcomed by the better placed Alaves. Just 4 points apart from position one, Barcelona and just a point from position two, Alaves are not willing to lose the game as a win for them, depending on the outcome of the teams occupying numbers 2 to four, can place them at number two. This can be their best opportunity to do so hence this weekend it is a no lose for them.

Score Prediction: 2-1

  1. Barcelona vs. Real Betis

With their winning streak, Barcelona is the favorites for this match plus the fact that they are at home. With the magic Messi and other players, this will be another opportunity for Barcelona to demonstrate their superiority in the Spanish League. Their mid-week Champions League away from home draw of 1-1 with the Italian club Inter Milan is another testament in their formation even in the European stage having beaten them 2-0 at home. Despite the fatigue associated with the back-back games, Barcelona are known for their resilience and will demolish Real Betis who have been doing their bare minimum in the La Liga action.

Score Prediction: 3-0

  1. Rayo Vallecano vs. Villareal

Both teams are doing dismally in the La Liga. For instance, in their last competitive football action, Rayo Vallecano has just drawn twice while lost four times while Villareal has registered one win, four draws and one loss. This has put them at position 19 and 16 respectively. Despite this, at least Villareal is making some effort and their games are dominated by draws. In their last six football action, Rayo Vallecano have lost two of their home games and just drawn one. This means that they are the peril of being beaten by Villareal.

Score Prediction: 1-2

  1. Sevilla vs. Espanyol

This will be the most scintillating football action in this weekend’s La Liga fixture when number three welcomes number two. This horn-locking fixture will change the table standings tremendously if either of the teams wins and the other teams occupying positions four and five do something positive. However the game will mostly with each team walking with a t least a point for a game well played.

Score prediction: 1-1

  1. Celta Vigo Vs Real Madrid

Wrapping up the La Liga match day 12 will be when Celta Vigo welcomes Real Madrid at their home turf. The not-in form Real Madrid as compared to previous seasons is a shaky team after its key star Christiano Ronaldo left the club in the end of last season. Previously, Real alongside Barcelona has dominated the first two positions but now they stand at a distant sixth place something not so common for them. But all in all, they are not doing that badly. Despite a few shameful beatings sometimes, they do pick the pieces and continue the journey as the focus on the bigger picture. What is at stake in this weekend’s fixture is seeing whether the caretaker coach Santiago Solari, will win his second La Liga game in a row. Santiago Solari took on the mantle of Real Madrid after the sacking of their head coach, Julen Lopetegui after the team was given a 5-1 shameful beating by their longtime rivals, Barcelona.

Score Prediction: 1-3

The twelfth La Liga action for the 2018/2019 season is hereby on the corner and it is therefore upon you to make the right La Liga predictions in order to win. I believe from the above analysis and score predictions; there is something positive for your weekend’s wins. Let not only the teams win, also win alongside them.


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