Rochdale vs Scunthorpe Match Analysis and Prediction

On Saturday 23rd March 2019 fans will be excited to yet another thrilling action between Rochdale vs Scunthorpe. The match will kick-off at 15.00GMT at Rochdale’s Spotland stadium. Rochdale risk being axed from the League one due to their wanting performance throughout the season.

At number 23, Rochdale needs a win more in this fixture if they ever dream of retaining their presence in League One competition next season. However, their dismal performance won’t guarantee a win is possible for them. In their last 6 fixtures, they have managed to win only once, lost 4 times and drew once. Their last 6 home games don’t tell a good story either. They have only won once against Shrewsbury, lost thrice and drew twice. With this performance, it seems relegation for them is given.

Scunthorpe is at number 17 of the League One table rankings. Their presence come next season has not been sealed yet. They are just 2 points clear of the relegation zone. It is therefore a do or die kind of fixture for them come this weekend. Their record has not been all impressive of late. In their last 6 fixtures, they have managed only 1 win. The rest being 4 losses and one draw. Their away record is not all roses either. In their last away fixtures, they have recorded only 2 wins and 4 losses, with the last being four losses in a row.

Due to their respective pressures, we believe both teams will try to play a defensive action. This will make it hard four either of the teams to see each other’s goalpost. Therefore, goals will be scanty during this occasion. Based on this, our gut-feeling tells us to put our money for a draw.

Rochdale vs Scunthorpe Head to Head

The teams Rochdale and Scunthorpe have seen each other in 24 matches. Of these, Scunthorpe has won 10 conceding 6 to Rochdale. 8 of the matches ended in a tie. A look into their 8 most recent actions here is what we can find:

  • Scunthorpe 3-3 Rochdale
  • Scunthorpe 1-1 Rochdale
  • Rochdale 1-1 Scunthorpe
  • Scunthorpe 2-1 Rochdale
  • Rochdale 3-2 Scunthorpe
  • Scunthorpe1-1 Rochdale
  • Rochdale 2-1 Scunthorpe
  • Rochdale 3-1 Scunthorpe

Team News

Rochdale faces the axe of relegation if they continue with their minimal performance. They need to do something if they ever want to turn the tide. This fixture is a good opportunity to start with.

Scunthorpe is under pressure to avoid falling on the relegation area. They have to safeguard themselves even if it means they have to force a draw. A point for them will do them good than none at all.

Prediction and Odds

You can get the latest odds here.

It is no doubt that the two sides will shy away from each other.  Loss for either will be a big blow for them. In this pressure, they will engage in a defensive kind of approach which will eventually lead to a goalless draw. Here are our best bets for the match:

  • The match will end in a draw
  • No goals


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