Mcheza Review – The Stakes, Market, Betting Options and Trust Flow

Having started off in December 2015 as a static betting website in Kenya, mCHEZA had to find its footing fast to avoid losing to competitors. After operating for several months in a static state, the company finally introduced a dynamic system that allows users to place bets directly from the official website. Initially, users had to place bets via SMS. This mCHEZA review will take this into account, explore the odds, market, withdrawal and deposit options with the intent of giving you a proper picture of the platform.

Given the high number of betting companies launching their services to the Kenyan market, it is important for users to make their decisions on which company to use based on what it offers. mCHEZA expects to offer a secure, trustworthy, and robust gaming platform to its users. In order to do so, the company has partnered with INTRALOT for its betting system.mcheza-review

Website and Features

When you choose to play with mCHEZA, you can access playing options like live bets, SMS bets, and pre-match bets. The company provides three main betting options: Single, Multi, and the Jackpot bet. There is a wide range of sports that you can bet on while on the website, which are up to forty-five. In order to bet, a user needs to place a minimum stake of KES 50.00; it was KES 100.00 initially. If you are interested in how to deposit or withdraw money, you can rest easy knowing that there is an mCHEZA paybill number and the sportsbook has an emphasis on MPESA transactions.

A well-laid out website with no cluttered options makes it a delightful place to be. The website has a low learning curve if you are just starting out. On the left sidebar of the website, you will get a decent collection of features which include:

  • Featured leagues
  • Bet categorization according to games
  • Livescore
  • Results
  • Matches that are closing soon
  • Latest odds changes
  • Easily available game IDs, odds and game codes

Clearly, these options are very handy when you want to access a specific match right away. If you those the above quick options were the real deal, then the Search option at the top right side of the site will even make things easier. You just need to start typing the name of the team you are interested in and you will get up to 3 upcoming fixtures for the team.

It would be helpful to point out a few things about two of the options listed above. The Livescore bet services is not one of the smoothest and most responsive services you can access. Additionally, it opens up a pop-up window upon clicking. I would say that the actual Livescore website is much better.

Closely related to the Livescore is the Results option. This feature opens up within the mcheza website. Contrary to details on mcheza’s website that this panel should have match results of up to a month ago, it only captures results of not more than two days. Anyway, that was not the main caveat. It is the arrangement of the results that really throws me off! All the results are bundled up in one scrollable page that is really unpleasant to the eye. Once again, you can access third party services for comprehensive match results.

Market Options

It is worth noting that mCHEZA recently introduced great market options. The options include who wins the rest of the match, next goal, final with handicap, both teams to score HT/FT, first goal interval 10 minutes, winning margins, match bookings, and the first 10 minutes 3-way odds. These are just some of the market options you will get on the website.

mcheza-betslipWhen a user wants to participate in live betting, there is a whole set of betting picks. You can bet on anything ranging from the number of corners at half time or full time, which half will have the most goals, the next goalscorer, anytime goal scorer, and correct score.

How to Join Mcheza

For established betting fans who started their craft back in 2014 when SportPesa launched, registering a new account with mcheza borrows a lot from the former. Here is how to register. The registration process takes two forms whereby both are simple. You can opt to visit the mcheza website for registration or go the SMS way.

Register via SMS

First, the SMS registration process requires you to compose a new message with content “Cheza” and then send the message to 29888. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation message from mCHEZA with your unique 4-digit PIN. However, you will still need to activate your new account by heading over to mcheza’s website and log in using your phone number and the received PIN as the password.

Register mCHEZA Online

The second method of registering an account is the direct option on their website. At the top bar of the website, click on the Register button, populate the mandatory fields, and you will be good to go. When you log into your account for the first time, you will get a prompt to add other personal details.

How to Bet on mCHEZA

Placing bets while on the mcheza website is way easier than using the SMS method. The website option is quite intuitive since it generates a bet slip as you pick your options. At the same time, all your picks will be in Gold color, hence presenting a good visual overview of all your picks. Placing bets online on the mcheza website is my preferred method since it also makes exploring of the up to 108 market options on a single match very easy.

Did you know that it is now very easy to win your bets on mcheza? You can increase the chances of being successful on mcheza if you take advantage of its live betting feature. Since live betting is new concept in the Kenyan betting scene, you should be among the first to take full advantage of the same. Live betting is another solid reason for regarding online betting better than sticking to mCHEZA game IDs, Codes and SMS betting.

Given the wanting internet connection in the region and lack of the luxury to own a computer or smartphone, placing your bets via SMS becomes handy. Provided you have access to information on upcoming matches and their unique codes, you will be good to go. SMS betting requires three main components; the match code, your pick and stake amount. Your pick can be 1, X or 2, which denote home win, draw or away win respectively.mcheza-live-bet

Customer Service and Support

Given the rise of social media in formal spaces, having an online presence is vital for any service providing company. mCheza has a pretty good online presence from which its current and potential customers can forward their queries for assistance. Their social media customer support usually responds within minutes, which means you would be sorted within a reasonably short time.

The social media presence of this sports betting company pans from Twitter, Facebook, to Instagram. Apart from asking questions on social media, there are customers who prefer to make calls. The company’s telephone numbers are up all day and night. Further, customers can also send their queries through emails.

mCheza Rafiki Bonuses

This sports book offers two types of bonuses. If you are already a registered mCheza user, you can refer others and enjoy Rafiki bonus in the company’s KARIBU Rafiki program. The way this bonus works is that the person you refer has to place up to 3 bets for you to earn Kshs. 225. Although you would expect the bonus system to be automatic, you would have to wait up to 20 minutes after your referred users places his or her third bet. Given how the KARIBU Rafiki bonus program works, it is clear it is not as straightforward as it sounds.

mCheza Jackpot Bonuses

The other type of bonuses are the Jackpot winnings for 10, 11, and 12 correct predictions from the 13-match Jackpot. You were probably waiting to know my take on these bonuses. A quick trackback takes me to April 2016. During that time, mCheza experienced a major glitch on its betting system and website when they experienced a total blackout of up to 24 hours! The statement that the company provided said that it was due to Safaricom servers’ downtime that led to the mCheza website content being inaccessible.

From an analytical point of view, the statement did not really explain the real problem. To start with, Safaricom servers rarely suffer downtimes of close to one day. Additionally, mCheza uses the Intralot betting system. Based on just these two factors, concerned users had a hard time finding the connection between delayed announcement of the Jackpot winners, Safaricom servers being unavailable, and the website’s inaccessibility.

The amount of money that Jackpot bonus winners get tend to be unsatisfactory. However, many factors play part in determining how much each person will receive as bonus. Some of the factors include the number of users that played the jackpot and how many predicted correctly.

You can check out the mCHEZA official website for more clarification or if you are convinced it is the perfect place to begin your online sports betting career. If you still aren’t convinced, you can check out my sports betting sites in Kenya overview for other viable options. Alternatively, you can just ask any question I haven’t addressed directly. I’ll be more than glad to help.

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