Identifying and Dealing with Gambling Addiction

Online betting is essentially meant to be an enjoyable and mind relaxing and possibly profitable experience. However, on the downside, there are instances whereby people become so entangled in the world of gambling to an extent that they cannot think straight. They start making poor decisions and betting recklessly without taking any regard to the negative financial consequences they cause to themselves and their families.

Therefore, it is worth noting some of the best rules of betting in order to stay focused and avoid falling prey to the negativity of gambling addiction. Having the right information will help you have a positive betting experience and maximize your chances of winning. However, it is important to have in mind that a positive gambling experience is not always about winning, but rather at times you should be prepared to lose at times like. This is the basic rule of the game.

Types of Bettors

Action Gamblers

These kinds of gamblers have the tendency of being drawn to gambling due to the risks involved. They like gambling in groups and prefer putting their bets in games of skill.

Escape Gamblers

These are those gamblers who use gambling as a hiding place from their pain or other forms of feelings. They tend to numb their pain, worries and loneliness by engaging in gambling activities.

Phases of Addicted Gamblers

  1. a) Winning phase. This is that moment when the gambler has success in gambling. This makes him/her attribute their “big wins” to their own skill and personal talent.
  2. b) Losing phase. This phase is characterized by the gambler becoming more concerned about gambling despite losing too much money on the same. They tend to ignore friends, family, and even their own realization that they are losing.
  3. c) Desperation Phase. At this point, the gambler totally loses control over his/her gambling. They continually lose money but continue gambling with the hope that they will reclaim it back in their next gamble. At this phase, their neglect makes them lose their families, job and can engage in criminal financial activities to get the money for gambling.
  4. d) Hopeless phase. At this phase, the gambler becomes hopeless having lost everything and oftentimes resort to alcohol or drugs as an escape route. Some of them even become suicidal at this phase.

You Can Win or Lose. The Question is; Can You Stomach it?

can you stomach the losing

A crucial aspect of responsible gambling is identifying your level of betting abilities rather than thinking that you all time bet in betting. Unless you pose as a professional gambler, then you should not think of betting as your main money making endeavour. The beauty of gambling is the knowledge that you can make money now and lose it the next moment without feeling emotionally distraught. For casual gamblers, their main priority is having fun, with winning money adding more enjoyment to the game.

Betting responsibly is betting what you can afford to lose. It is quite helpful when you are open about your betting experiences as this helps you keep your betting under control. It is crucial to monitor your betting expenditures and adjust your stakes according to if need be. Gambling addictions are normally referred to as compulsive gambling.

In simple terms, compulsive gambling is an impulse-control disorder. People who have been addicted to gambling lack the ability to refrain from gambling regardless of the financial consequences associated with their actions and the strains on their relationships. Their behaviour is brought about by the impulse to gamble without any prior considerations of the consequences.

In Search of the Next Big Win

Their quest for a “big win” gives them the false confidence of making the right predictions only to end up losing. Most of their past wins are what drives them to believe that they can make the same right predictions in the future and win.

dealing with gambling addictionGetting Help Before It Is Too Late

There are many ways to handle gambling addiction before it gets the best of you. Nonetheless, you must first admit that you have a problem and be willing to handle it. The recovery steps involve getting your financial life back in order and rebuilding your personal life.  Here are some valuable resources to help you get started.

Another good way to cure compulsive betting is setting up a realistic monthly budget, using sheets to properly manage what you spend and what you gain and stopping when you hit the limit. You can use block software to block your betting platform of choice if you can’t control yourself. These are good steps if you are just starting out and aren’t yet addicted




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