How to Reset Sportpesa Password or Pin

What happens if you forget your Sportpesa password or PIN? Well. Resetting or recovering your password is easy especially if you have access to the internet and the sportpesa Website.

Go to the Sportpesa website and click on the Forgot Password link just below the login button

Enter the mobile number you used to register to mpesa and the Sportpesa pin you received when you signup and you will receive a reset code

The problem is you cannot reset your Sportpesa password if you forgot your PIN. You will first have to reset your PIN. You can only do that using the phone you used to register for your Sportpesa account.

Compose a text:


Send it to 79079

  • XXXX is the new pin you want to use. Remember that your new PIN cannot start with a zero

Once you receive the PIN, you can use it on the Sportpesa website to get your reset code.

Once you have received the reset code, you can enter it onto the website and enter your new Password. That is all it takes to reset your Sportpesa account password.

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