How to Bet Double Chance

Apart from the popular Sportpesa 1X2, Goal-Goal(GG) and Over/Under bets, there is another interesting bet you should be trying out to increase your chances of beating the house with almost every bet you place. The Sportpesa double chance gives you the freedom to bet on two or even three different game outcomes.

What is Double Chance Betting All About?

A Sportpesa double chance (or any other platform) bet lets you cover two of all the three possible game outcomes in a football match with just one bet. This means that you can bet:

  • Home team and Draw (1X): You will win if the home team wins or if the game ends as a draw
  • Away team and Draw (2X): You will win if the away team wins or the game ends in a draw
  • Home team and Away team: You will win if either the away or home team wins.

How to Place a Double Chance With Sportpesa

Go to the team you want to place the double chance bet on, click on the extra markets icon and scroll down until you see the double chance option.

sportpesa double chance bet

It is up to you to do your research and figure out which double chance option will bring you closer to winning that Sportpesa money. One important thing to note is that double chance bets tend to have lower odds that straight out bets on Sportpesa or Betpawa.

Are Double Chance Bets Worth It?

Double chance bets always have considerably lower odds meaning that they are not useful as single bets. However, since they give you a chance to spread out your risks, they are a great way to make money from tight games (games with risky outcomes.)

Here is an example. This is a tight game with all three outcomes given almost equal odds.

when to use double chance bets

A double chance bet might lower the odds but will still give you a higher shot at making money

double chance bets

Pairing up a couple of double chance bets to create a multi bet slip will give you a chance to increase the cumulative odds without bearing the risks that come with a single outcome bet. Remember that you still have to analyze the game well before deciding on which two options to throw lot with.

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