Betyetu Review – Registration, Betting Options and Odds

Betyetu, as the name suggests, is a local sports betting site with all the benefits and disadvantages of local. My Betyetu review will explore all the basics, its legality, and general trust flow. I will give you all the information I gathered when researching on the best sports betting platform in Kenya. To get things started, the platform is totally legal and registered with the betting, lotteries, and gambling authorities.


A quick look at the revamped website reveals that the platform is a perfect place to begin your sports betting career. The site is clean and features only the relevant information. This is a far cry from the complex and rather professional UI you find on high-end betting sites like Betin Kenya.

It’s nonetheless sufficient and fun place to be – especially if you intend to focus on football, tennis or basketball.

By tying your account to your mobile number, the platform assertively brings to play its close-knit relationship with your mobile phone and mobile gambling.

Overall Design and Operation

For Betyetu, you will have either to use the official website or stick to mobile SMS based operation as there is no smartphone app. The website got a revamp somewhere in 2015 that emphasizes on simplicity and functionality. This makes it a great place to be at if you are just beginning your sports betting career and want to stick to a rather simple market and a straightforward bet slip.

The platform focuses on football. By focus, I mean there are tons of options to place your bets on. The options vary from international games and international league games with the EPL, EUFA Champions League and Spain’s La Liga at the very top.
A starting soon, today matches and tomorrow match filters enable you to filter the games even better and give you a bird’s view of the varied games taking place across the globe.

The quick bet option to the right of each matchup gives you the basic 1X2 market while clicking on the game itself will open up a new interface with the other markets at your disposal and their odds.

You will have a wide range of options like the European handicap, total goals, over/under full time, match result full time and so much more.

Registration and Depositing Funds

Registering on Betyetu could be the simplest across the table. You can either use the registration form on the website that is just interested in your official name and your phone number or send money to the sportsbook paybill number and wait for your account details.

If you register on the website, you will have to set up your on pin while using the paybill approach handles this for you.

To register using the paybill approach:

  • Deposit money to paybill account 850704 with account name Betyetu
  • You must do the deposit from the phone you will be placing bets with
  • Wait to receive your PIN from Betyetu and you can login to the site using phone number and the PIN

Depositing to and Withdrawing from Your Betyetu Account

The platform puts emphasis on MPESA meaning that you must have a Safaricom SIM to open and operate a Betyetu account. Depositing and withdrawing your money will be quite simple.

Depositing Money to Your Account

  • Lipa na M-Pesa
  • Paybill
  • Business Number: 850704
  • Account Number: Betyetu
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN
  • Confirm

Within minutes you will receive a message from BetYetu confirming your deposit. You can now login and start betting!

betyetuWithdrawing Fund from the Account

To withdraw any amount from BetYetu to your M-Pesa account, SMS W ”AMOUNT” to 29111 . This will activate the withdrawal process. Example: if you want to withdraw KES 500, send W 500 to 29111. The process can take up to 10 minutes.

How to Play on Betyetu

Betyetu divides its betting options into four main options.

  • The jackpot
  • Live game betting
  • Regular betting (on yet to start games)
  • Multi bets

The Jackpot

You will have to buy your jackpot tickets through the website or through SMS. When playing on the website, you have to log into your account, click on the jackpot menu, select the outcome of the 14 games and confirm your ticket price before placing the

Playing on mobile needs you to understand the 3-way bet format. (1X2) 1 for home team win, X for draw and 2 for away team win.

Send SMS to 29111 with JP#theprediction

e.g. JP#12112222XXXX22

The rules? Simple. You will finish in money if you get your bets right and you have to place all of them 15 minutes before the first game in the list begins. You will get a confirmation receipt on your mobile upon successful entry.

Betyetu’s jackpot has a total of 14 games. The first thirteen are the real deal while the fourteenth is a fallback plan. This means that if you fail to finish in money by one game, your alternative match bet will be considered. If it is right, it will be used to replace one of the bets you got wrong in the initial 13 games.

The sportbook has lucrative payouts for people finishing with 11 or 12 games right too.

In Play Betting

To do live betting, you will have to click on the Cheza Live tab to reveal ongoing games. Clicking on team names will give you the markets tab and let you choose what bet to add on your betslip. Once you are confident you’ve selected all your options right, you can put the money you want to bet and click on the ‘place bet’ option.

Regular Sports Betting and Multi Bets

This is simple and follows the format on any other sports betting platform. You will have to select a game and the market option you prefer to add it to the betslip. If you want to bet on multiple games but don’t want to make it a multibet, you will have to submit each betslip the moment you populate it with one team. Adding more than one game to the slip creates a multi bet and you will have to win every prediction to finish in pay.

The Betyetu Multi Bet Bonus

The bonus kicks in when you have more than three prediction whose minimum odd is 1.2. The bonus will be added to your slip. You will only get the winning bonus once all the game results are in. If a match gets a cancelation, your bonus is recalculated on the remaining games as long as the qualification holds. You must note that Betyetu retains the rights to remove or edit the bonus at any time without giving you a headsup.

Mastering the Betyetu SMS Betting

You might have noticed that up to now, I really haven’t put so much emphasis on Betyetu’s SMS betting platform. This doesn’t mean that it is non-existent. Actually, it is among one of the best in the market. The first step to getting it right lies in getting the SMS codes. You can get the bet codes by:

  • Visiting
  • Checking out the official Facebook Page
  • Sending the word SPORTS to 29111

The SMS codes come complete with the game code and the specific characters to use in selecting the bet outcomes.

Bet 29826#2*50 (29826 is the game code, #2 is the prediction, *50 is the amount to bet)

For a multibet: Bet 29826#2+29840#1*50(where the plus ‘+’ separates the different games in the multibet)

You will then send the message to 29111. Checking your balance is as easy as sending the word BALANCE to 29111.

Betyetu Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Simple registration linked to your Safaricom line
  • A clean website focusing on straightforward betting
  • Simple and functional SMS betting option
  • A wide range of markets to choose from
  • A live betting option
  • The bonus option on three or more eligible multibets
  • A fallback match on the 13-game jackpot could be a great way to help you finish in money


  • No Android or iOS app
  • The games at your disposal are limited to Football, Tennis and Basketball
  • Only compatible with MPESA
  • No link to game, team or player statistics to help you make informed bets


Betyetu is an excellent platform for someone who is just getting started with sports betting. It will come in handy if you don’t have constant access to a computer or the internet since you can register, bet and collect your winnings by entirely using texts. You might, however, have to live with the fact that you will have to bet on instincts or collect your game related information from other platforms. Betyetu doesn’t offer any game statistics or live commentary to help make your betting better.

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